Buy It Or Burn It

We started Thursday with a great selection of “Buy it or burn it” that you sent us! It was a long time ago we were good but the weekend is coming and we have to change the chip! 

“When we went out to eat we have seen this” relic “in a shop window and I could not resist … .. Maxi bag? Bag?? Beach bag??? And the tiger … what a tiger!!!! To the bonfire…. already!!!! Hope you serve them!!! “

Buy It Or Burn ItBuy it

Caroline from The Worlds of Caroline sends us another one!

“Navigating the web of Mango I found this clear: WANT IT!!! I do not know about you, but I think it could be that of any guest at the Farruquito Wedding … lol. I hope you like this quemalo (or rather, that horrify you as much as me) and if you serve a post of the subject I would be very happy!

I buy the mango dress

Raquel Maya also proposes worthy clothing for study…

“I needed to blink several times to see such a grotesque! I leave the link, in the absence of a short version, in case you do not like it, we also have it in long version, I do not know which to decide …”

Buy It Or Burn ItI bought it for you

And besides, Raquel sends us other options of monkeys but this time to “Buy it”!!!

And I also make my small contribution!

Buy It Or Burn ItBuy it!

This shirt I love, I know it has nothing but I do not know if because of “princess” or because Bambi I love, I love it!!! It is the typical that you put all the summer with anything!

In Zara has given them the oriental roll, we have seen kimonos until we get fed up but the version in dressing to the whopping of 79’95 euros seems too much! No, no, no and no!!!

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By HieuJa