Celebrities Choose Gray

It has always been said that if you doubted when choosing the color of a bag, it was best to opt for the black. But now that’s been several months since I have the Bow Satchel of Miu Miu, I think the gray is the new black .Advantages: it is a color for winter and summer, it strikes with everything and it draws attention because it is not yet seen too much.

Celebrities Choose GrayDo you have a gray bag? What is your favorite?

The celebrities are clear

Rachel Bilson is one of the fortunate ones that already have in her power the new model of Miu Miu of the collection fall 2017. An original design, with a slight air to the 2.55 of Chanel: to quilted, tacks and gold chain. I ask it!

Celebrities Choose GrayOlivia Palermo chooses one of the most classic Chloé handbags, the Gemma model .  Perfect as a bag for the day to day.

Celebrities Choose GrayMichelle Gellar needs a comfortable bag to carry the house on her back and can be hung easily. This Motorcycle model of Balenciaga is the perfect choice.

Celebrities Choose GrayDiane Kruger is another one of those that makes everything what it puts in tendency. The classic Tods D Bag is completely renewed in this color. And how good it is with the blue blouse.

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The Miu Miu Coffer is not a bag that I like too much, but for years has been the favorite of many celebrities. Jessica Alba is one of them and she chooses it in gray.

By HieuJa