How to Choose Bermuda shorts For Men?

If you want to choose Bermuda shorts for men with style, your store to buy branded clothing online, we bring you a guide to do it without fail in the attempt. This is a short piece available in different material, masculine and ideal for gentlemen and with an adventurous spirit. Depending on the situation there is one that will respond well to your needs.

How to Choose Bermuda shorts For Men?

The curious origin of Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are a type of shorts slightly above the knees or panty style. It is common to see it in spring-summer when it starts to cool.

Its birth dates back to an expedition to the islands of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean (1816). The idea was that they serve to combat the heat of the explorers and allow them to move for comfort during their expedition. Soon the British expanded this “fashion” among their troops located in the tropical and hot regions having the boom in the twentieth century.

It was a criticized garment, but useful for English explorers who suffered from an oppressive heat during research in the hottest regions.

The Bermuda pants are not purely casual wear. They are used for sports activities, outings to change, informal meetings, to go to the pool and more. They are fresh, durable and easy to take on any trip. They are ideal for athletic bodies and for people accustomed to feeling lightness in their body, there is as much for men as for women.6 factors to take into account to choose shorts for men

Currently, the use of Bermudas has no gender or taste distinction, but there is a certain code to dress it. In the choice of the right Bermuda, the length, design, footwear, upper garment and of course the materials influence. We believe that to choose the right one you should consider some of these 6 factors that we will portray you.

How to Choose Bermuda shorts For Men?

6 factors to consider when choosing shorts for men

1. The type of cut of Bermuda

Not all Bermuda shorts are the same and their main difference is in the type of cut and how many centimeters above the knee you have. Choosing the right one will depend on the situation and the season. For example, the short ones and light material are reserved for the summer and those of denim, about 3 centimeters above the knee are for spring.

In general, Bermuda shorts are between 3 and 8 centimeters above the knee. These are some common types:

  • Bermuda Chinese cut: This is perhaps one of the most popular Bermuda styles. Its characteristic pockets and strong cotton fabric make it a comfortable and functional element for university students and men who practice outdoor activities. It is ideal for making combinations with men’s polo shirts, sweatshirts, thick strappy sandals, sneakers, and belt.
  • Classic denim Bermuda shorts: Bermuda shorts made with jeans material also do not go out of style. They are comfortable and easy to combine. By their type of cut, they work better in men with legs decades since they are adjusted. They wear sneakers, shirts, sweatshirts, and polos.
  • Tailor’s cut: Bermuda shorts that have no pockets or large details on the surface. They are short, about 8 cm above the knee and are recommended for summer and trips to the beach.
  • Classic cut: These pants are easy to recognize due to their smooth surface, their height above the knee and their simplicity. They have small folds on the sides and pockets on the sides.
  • Sports: The cuts are a little more varied and depend on the taste of man. They are comfortable and made of polyester material, widely used by athletes.

2- The common fabrics according to the season

The fabrics of which the shorts are made vary according to the season. But, in general, they must fulfill a function: to be fresh and light. That is why cotton, linen, chambray, polyester and drill fabric are predominantly formed by a strong cotton (97%) and denim (3%) thread.

For use in spring, the best fabrics are the drill and 100% cotton. Denim is also good in certain situations, for example, to go shopping or study.

How to Choose Bermuda shorts For Men?

3- The designs and their consonance with the upper garment

Here comes the heart of the Bermuda shorts and it is definitely about the designs. The wrong one can make you look bad. Shorts, badly combined or with a strange design do not suit any man. Get away from the styles with very striking colors, with beach or abstract drawings on the surface. Because then you will see how you cannot combine them with anything.

The Bermudas with dotted, striped or solid color are the best to ride in style this summer. In addition, they can be combined with almost everything from polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, blazers, casual shirts, and long or short sleeve shirts. The ideal shoes to use are the thick sandals of the strip (natural leather), the nautical ones, and tennis, slippers, loafers, and Menorcan sandals.

4- The moment why are you going to use this garment?

To choose the Bermudas for men you must take into consideration in which situation you will use them more. For example, they are commonly used to: go to college, go out in the city in the spring/summer, go to the beach or pool or do outdoor sports (hiking, camping, jogging, stretching).

The cuts and designs suitable for all times will be easy to find if you know the situation in which you will use them. For those who do sports or love long walks the Chinese cut Bermuda shorts are the best. Meanwhile, to go to college, the denim or classic cuts are the best.

How to Choose Bermuda shorts For Men?

5- Body type

The type of body influences how Bermuda will look and with this, you must be very careful. Never choose shorts that go below the knee if you are short, this will make you look smaller and heavier. Actually, this is a cut that favors only tall guys (over 1.80 meters).

People with average height can wear Bermuda shorts on their knees to accentuate their body. The shorts do not fit well in tall men or with legs too thin.

For these little things, it is important that when choosing Bermuda for men you try it before buying.

6- Know the combinations you should avoid

There are combinations that will kill the style of Bermuda shorts. Many people use them without problems, but there are debates between stylists and fashion critics about these trends. We recommend that you simply avoid them.

What not to use with a Bermuda:

  • Printed garments too flashy or with strange designs.
  • Franelillas on top.
  • Shirts, polos or hoodies too wide.
  • Clothes and formal shoes with cuts of tailor terrible!

Although these forbidden garments sound obvious to some people, they are not and you have to remind them that it is best not to use them.

How to Choose Bermuda shorts For Men?

Tips to choose the best Bermuda for you

  • Try Bermuda before buying it. If you got a good offer online, go to a store first and look for a similar model to try it on. This way you will know with certainty your measurements before ordering.
  • Colorful designs and prints leave a very bad impression and do not add value to your look, do not use them!
  • Book the shorter shorts for the summer.
  • Look for reference in the Tommy Hilfiger, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Zara, and H & M Bermuda shorts collections. These brands have different styles of this garment, comfortable, quality and stylish.
  • Choose polyester shorts with a small strip so you can adjust them well to the shape of your body. These are ideal for casual outings and sports activities.
  • Avoid cuts below the knee; they will make you look low.
  • If you choose a pair of shorts for spring, we recommend using it with thick (mountain) boots to accentuate the shape of the leg.
  • The Bermuda you choose should be your size.

By Madani