Coach Bags

Coach Bags

Coach Bags? Coach bags are fashionable among celebrities. Do you know the brand? I met her on my first trip to New York and in my second. last summer, I had the pleasure of attending an event that was held on the occasion of Fashion Week! I was in the archives of the brand. Where Coach had a brand of each and every one of the models that have been released for sale throughout its history. A super experience!

Coach BagsThe other day, one of my working company showed me the photo of Ashley Madekwe. And he asked me if I knew where the purse was (my work company believe that I know everything about fashion). Because he thought he was cute! And doing a review of famous. The bags I saw that Coach is quite used among international celebrities!

Coach BagsThe quality of the bags is very, very good.  The price is acceptable, as it is a luxury brand. The good, the lines are classic.  If you invest you will not go out of fashion and it will last you!

Coach BagsAt the moment the brand is only present in some corners of El Corte Inglés: Serrano, Castellana in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Marbella. I’m going to Madrid this weekend, if I happen, I’ll tell you!

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By HieuJa