Collection Doctor Bag By Furla

The doctor bag, that famous bag in the form of a medical briefcase, is rigid, with nozzle closure and short handle. Currently, they are also provided with a long chain in case you decide to cross it. It promises to recover the throne of the one that was dethroned several seasons ago like winter bag.

Collection Doctor Bag By FurlaAnd, no doubt, it will achieve thanks to the rise of vintage fashion, a practice that seeks to rescue garments (from the wardrobe of grandmothers, aunts, mothers …) of several decades ago with a marked retro accent and, if possible, in perfect condition. Collection Doctor Bag By Furla

Furla to the rescue of the ‘doctor bag’

 The American accessory firm Furla is currently in full swing due to its success two summers ago: the famous plastic bag Candy, now becomes a real jewel thanks to the possibility of customizing it according to our taste and possibilities on the web. The company. Collection Doctor Bag By Furla

 Doctor bag by Furla.

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A retro air model, classic and elegant at the same time, but reinterpreted in a contemporary key with an original shape without forgetting the functionality that must fulfill the bag and that will help to give your look a lady touch. The Beat model can be found in a luxurious material: Merino sheep leather, which gives it even more that vintage touch. You can find it in different tones, all very winter, such as black, coffee or violet although the most daring can be seen in oil blue or with pony print. Eighty years in the service of women .