The Comfortable Shoes, the great unfinished business that we cannot forget when it comes to our feet, is the star today.

Do you have a wedding or you have been invited to attend an important event.

Wearing Comfortable ShoesWearing Comfortable Shoes

You look for elegant shoes, classy. You see them in the window, they are perfect! You try and … Anyway. You discover that they are uncomfortable, they touch you.

You know that carrying them for hours will be a real torture. And still shopping. Is this scene familiar? Surely yes.

Make no mistake, buying uncomfortable shoes is one of those bad decisions we have all made at some time. But calm, not all is lost! That the footwear is more or less comfortable depends, to a certain extent, on the use that each woman gives.

 Today I bring you some tips very practical, not only to choose comfortable shoes, but also to increase the comfort of shoes when we make the mistake of buying painful or uncomfortable shoes.

The Leather Shoes Are Better Suited To The FootThe Leather Shoes Are Better Suited To The Foot

The first thing you must do to go comfortably to a wedding or an important event is to choose a leather shoe, essential! Leather shoes provide elasticity and adapt better to the foot than those of synthetic fabric.

The height of the heel is not as important as the fact that it has a shape that fits well and that you feel the foot attached to the shoe.

Avoid Friction Of The Foot With The Shoe

If you want to prepare the shoe even more for the day of the event, you can spread the skin inner lining with moisturizing cream, and put it on immediately.

You will see how flexible the skin gets. You will reduce friction and friction.

The Stockings Help

Something highly recommended is that you always wear stockings when you release shoes. For medium sandals without a toe cap, very thin socks of a natural or brown color are the most favored, and you will avoid any possible chafing while adapting the shoe to the foot.

And finally, a very useful advice to prevent the heels from sinking into surfaces with grass or dirt, very important for wedding banquets or outdoor meetings: the starlettos are great allies to take care of your heels and to feel much more safe. And they adapt to all your high-heeled shoes!


In my work as a shoe designer.I have always been concerned about the comfort of footwear and foot care.

We have talked about how you can reduce the discomfort of some shoes, but the most important thing is to choose a shoe that does not damage your feet or spoil those special occasions, in which the most important thing is to enjoy and have a good time with yours.

The kenzo model meets the conditions to be comfortable to any event. It is subject, has a platform, with which the inclination of the foot is lower, and is a comfortable shoe with which to be hours and hours standing. In addition to being a semi-covered sandal, you can use it all year.

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By HieuJa