Denim Jacket

I bet we all have a denim jacket buried in our closet bottom. But surely few have been back to use since we turned 16. I recognize that I do not know where I have it (surely my mother would throw it without saying anything to me, as it does with everything I do not wear). 

Denim JacketHowever, the other day looking at the catalog of Mango I got an uncontrollable desire to run for the jacket that carries Penelope on the back cover. And casually that same night, watching TV, I realize that Sarah Jessica Parker has one in several scenes of “Rental Bride” and I thought “this is a sign that I need one!!!”

Denim JacketSo I put my hands to the work and looking for all looks that I have saved for some time, I found several that I did not remember. And I realized that all the celebrities follow the same rules so as not to appear drawn from an ad from the 90s:

Denim JacketShort jacket, worn and always wear it rolled up. I’m thinking about it in the face of spring. Of course, I think I’m not going to look for my old jacket, I prefer not to take unnecessary scares, I keep the Mango for only 45 euros. Has anyone been encouraged yet? Any star look?

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By HieuJa