From Trend To Basic: Biker Booty
From Trend To Basic: Biker Booty

They are trends that come and go, some years come with more force, others go more unnoticed and others come to stay!

For example, the booty biker. Last year we saw how some bloggers started using them and the most daring ones confessed to being adept. Finding them was not entirely easy because there were few brands that had risked. And suddenly, this season, comes the madness. In all the chains, a thousand options, as basic in the collection !!! You have them for 29 euros in White or 80 in Zara. You choose!

Do you already have your biker boots? With what do you put them? I opted for the Pull & Bear buckles, I confess that I am already a bit tired of studs and I usually wear them with dresses and skirts although with pants it looks good too!

Other of my favorites are the sand split leather of Bershka, you can take advantage now and also for the most spring looks!

The best thing is how comfortable this type of footwear is usually!!! Which do you like most?From Trend To Basic: Biker BootyFrom Trend To Basic: Biker BootyFrom Trend To Basic: Biker Booty

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By HieuJa