The hippie style is affecting a bit all the accessories and now want their share. Here are the must-have of the season in our Blog Fashion.

Hippie style accessories captive
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Woodstock, Janis Joplin and John Lennon, the pants leg and the van Volkswagen the seventies were a golden decade, enjoyed by those who were there and envied by those born a few years later. But luckily there is the fashion in which we relive those years without making us feel guilty or out of place.

Fashion This year, in fact the look groupie made ??his return, and that return. The whole fashion system was overwhelmed by this wave of hippie style, from clothes, to general mood, until you get to the accessories.

And they often are the protagonists in this moment. Perfect to give a touch Seventies to those who dare not become covered from head to toe in hippie clothes, but also to complete the look groupie of the most daring. Hence we at Fashion Blog we decided to offer our selection of accessories from the character cheeky.

Scores Etro that always brand pioneer of this style, proposes a belt fabric with fringed shades of cream, blue and purple: perfect to wear with jeans and a ripped pair of espadrilles.Fashion

Even the bags make it to master a nice focus on shoulder bag The Row suede camel ideal for every look, from the most sophisticated to the more Spartan.

As for the shoes, there is no shoe more hippie of espadrilles. Spanish soul and taste the summer, these shoes are comfortable, beautiful and functional: both classic versions such as those proposed by Toms, is more creative as those of the brand APC.

And finally the jewelry, lovers of all women. Rings ethnic style with colored stones, long necklaces in raw materials and earrings pendants: a mix of jewelry to look like a real groupie seventies.

The accessories always complete the look, enriching it with personality and character, but this year the philosophy that is rampant carelessness made ??in the Seventies.