Holidays ... What do I take

At last!!! The holidays are already here … And you do not know what I needed already a respite!!! The Holy Week arrives, fortunately before other years, and you have to pack … Buff!!! Without a doubt, it’s the least I like to go on vacation! To the usual difficulties of knowing what we take, we add a year more complicated weather forecasts! It cannot be, again to wear jerseys, shorts, bikinis, jeans and gloves!!!

And the chosen destination should give us a clue as to where to start to put rags but with this time disaster, you never know … If you go skiing, take the bikini because it may be so hot that in the end you have to spend the days in some Spa; If you go to a rural cottage, take  a sexy underwear because the cold polar can make you do not want to get out of bed and if you go to the beach, take the credit card , if it is cold, it rains or snow, where better You will be shopping.Holidays ... What do I take

What do i get?

But let’s get organized!!! We start with the easy, the need!

I suppose you have quite cleared what you have to put: moisturizing cream (and contour of eyes for those over 26), toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up wipes, brush, comb, hair gums, lacquer, gum, Irons, gel, shampoo, after-shower cremita, various treatments and our perfume!Holidays ... What do I take

In cosmetic matters … The whole kit! If you are a fan of Benefit, you know which are the tricks of the most essential products and if you still do not have it clear, do not miss the makeup base Biotherm Sense, Touch Eclat Dior (for those who do not have too many dark circles in Mercadona Something very similar and cheaper, to me it works!), Armani sunspots, shades and rouge of Mac (I love the color Peach twist!) And mask of eyelashes Inimitable Chanel (so far, the best I have Tested … 0 sticks!)Holidays ... What do I take

And the hardest thing is the suitcase … And what I said, with the effects of climate change and the little faith I have that I have good weather in Easter after having been sinning all year, I’m getting my ass out of my hair! !! Essential: jeans, trench, shorts, sexy, sexy lingerie set, dancers, Converse ones that stick with almost everything and are very comfortable, basic t-shirts…

Of course, a dress, a heels, a party top, a sweater, several belts, handbag, maxibolso … And the pajamas!!!

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And in the list of “just in case” I would wear a bikini , an umbrella, a raincoat, a hat and gloves, sunglasses, a beach wrap, ipod, a book, nintendo and trivial!Holidays ... What do I take

If it is bad weather, I have clear credit card … From my August vacation, I came back from Alicante with 3 coats!!! Have you packed your suitcase yet? Do you think I forget something? , go fights late with my closet waiting for me!!!