How to wear midi skirt

When a new trend appears, it is most likely that several of us embark on it and want to use it. We like how it looks, but we want to know more about how to use it and combine it with what we already have in our closet. In the case of midi skirts, a feminine and perfect garment for the first, there are some very simple rules that you must know to be able to rock it and look really stylish, so here are some tips that you should know!

1. Balance your lookHow to wear midi skirt

If you choose a midi skirt with print, balance your look by using the rest of the neutral clothes and give it some accents of color with accessories such as an eye-catching handbag or scarf.

While the balance between prints and color is important, avoid going too neutral or boring and add some edgy touches. A leather jacket or studded clutch can be perfect accents.

2. Keep it feminine

A midi skirt with volume is the quintessential feminine garment, so if you have that idea for your look, accentuate the style with a pearl necklace or embellished heels. With this, you absolutely own the trend!

3. Dare with vertical lines

If you opt for a striped midi skirt, take care that the lines are vertical, since they are much more flattering and give the illusion of greater height.

4. Always say yes to ankle straps

No matter the length of your midi skirt, shoes tied at the ankle always give an easy boost to your look and more elegant touch. Choose a neutral pair so they don’t steal the spotlight from your skirt.

5. Choose strong colors

The best way to effortlessly rock your midi skirt is to choose a strong color that allows you to take your look to the next level. Keep the rest of the garments in soft colors and simple shapes to give your skirt room to shine properly!

6. Play with the proportions

If the length of your skirt reaches to the knees, it does not mean that your jacket has to do it as well. If you have an oversized coat, put it over your midi skirt and pair it with some fun studs. This dimension effect can make your legs look really long!

7. Find the correct silhouette

Who said your midi skirt had to have a hem and movement? If you are shorter, a tighter style with a cut to the leg is the most flattering option for you. Choose one that has an entertaining print and complete the rest of your outfit with neutral garments.

On the other hand, moving midi skirts can also be very flattering. If you need to add a bit of structure to it, you can wear it with a leather jacket that balances it right.

8. Combine it with pointed ankle boots

On a cold day, you may not want to expose your feet and there is no problem with this. A midi skirt looks great if you pair it with a pair of booties, but make sure they are pointy. Avoid models that have round tips.

By Ronney