It Is All About The Presentation

When presented with a simple yet elegantly packaged item, there is no doubt of the variety of elated emotions an individual would likely experience. What meets the eye, is literally going to lead to the thoughts that are going to be formed regarding the contents of the package. In all cases, if the packaging is elegant, you can be assured that the content is going to be equally, if not mind blowing and wondrous.

It Is All About The PresentationLuxury And Design Go Hand In Hand

Christian Vizcaina, who is the CEO of Shipster, explains what they consider to be the key components of the ultimate sophisticated presentation. According to this CEO, it is all about the element of consistency!

When it comes to jewellery, Bhindi Jewellers would concur with Christian Vizcaino’s take on how beautiful items should be presented. All the elegant timepieces at Bhindi Jewellery are beautifully and elegantly packaged so that its recipient falls completely in love with the whole experience from beginning to end.

Elegance Should Be Simple

Jewellery designs take on many different facets, and all would agree that simple pieces are often the most talked about and highly prized. High end brands rarely design their jewellery after gaudy and loud designs, as they are intent in keeping with the idea of simple elegance. High end brands can easily be coupled and complimented with any Bhindi Jewellery addition, making the core of this particular jewellery retailer’s offerings highly sought after and respected.

The art director of Killer Info graphics, Alaina Johnson is quick to add the absolute importance of intentionally sticking to simple elegance as opposed to haphazardly throwing decorations together, when it comes to the subject to presenting elegant packages. From the material used to the colour choices, everything deserves careful consideration. The “one size fits all” attitude is absolutely and completely shunned.

Sophistication may be a relative term, which would loosely tag various types and levels of elegance, and yet high end shoppers are more likely to be loyal to establishments such as Barneys’ and Saks Fifth Avenue because of their commitment to simple elegance in products and packaging. Bhindi Jewellers have positioned themselves to also offer their clientele all the very best in class, elegance and simple beauty. From styles to branding, the Bhindi Jewellery line is far ahead of its competitors.

The Bhindi Jewellery line is careful to stay current while at the same time offering antiquated style that would be accepted as wonderfully brilliant by those who have an eye for everlasting beauty. Although it is not uncommon to consider and indulge in rebranding exercises or even tweaking things a little, high end elegant designs and brands rarely indulge in this as they consider tampering with timeless beauty to be detrimental to their position.

Going Beyond Just The Brand Name Or Design Logo

While a good logo will undoubtly allow a particular product to be always foremost in the mind of its target market audience, this alone is not a guarantee of consistent and continued loyalty. Having beautifully designed logos to represent a particular jewellery line is fabulous but even better is having beautiful and well-priced jewellery choices that everyone wants to own. With Bhindi Jewellery, there are not only beautiful timeless pieces but they are also represented with a well position and recognisable logo.

A logo is the beginning of a story, which introduces the whole picture of what is being sold, offered or presented. Keeping things simple and elegant to match the jewellery line is important to Bhindi Jewellery as a company and as icon in the jewellery industry.

All designs and method of attracting clientele interest, which used to represent Bhindi Jewellery, are carefully chosen to ensure it is befitting to the finesse and beauty of the line. Taking a cue form Orun Bhuiyan who is the co-founder and marketing genius behind SEOcial, suggests that every little aspect of sophistication has to be carefully explored, from the font style chosen to the final packaging before an idea can be presented as suitable for high end markets.

Jewellery items are no less in need of dynamic exposure to ensure consistent and high percentage sales. Therefore in the interest of enjoying both these desirable effects, there must be an element of class and elegance always present in all aspects of a piece of jewellery and in its final packaging.

Other elements, Bhindi Jewellery consciously considers is the texture and techniques incorporated into their jewellery pieces. These are the epitome of luxury that is so evident and synonymous with the Bhindi Jewellery line.

Mikula Beutl – an avid jewelry aficionado that writers on any topic you can think of within this world. Whether it’s about the passions of a women’s fashion, or the tastes that change with the seasons.