Long Live The Summer

Girls, what’s up? I’m looking forward to the weekend … I still do not have an intensive day and I have to settle for the rest to go to the pool !!

Long Live The SummerToday I bring you a swimming look, I wear shorts, T-shirt, sandals and hat or bun, although sometimes I also wear clothes … This time I put on jeans shorts that have already so many years that I do not remember, this shirt I do not know appreciates very well but is quiet and is super cool, I bought it in the sales last year, and it was my second skin when I went to Ibiza on vacation … and I see that this year is going the same way.

Long Live The SummerThe borsalino bought it to me at the beginning of the summer in Sfera and still had not released it … some time ago I did not see myself with this type of hats, but it was to buy me one and now I love them! Do you wear a hat to go to the pool or the beach? What is your beach or pool looks?

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By HieuJa