Loving Peplum

Hello girls! How are you? I’m back and I come with a total black look. I really wanted a black tube skirt because it is a wardrobe background that serves for daily, for the weekend, for a more arranged look or another more casual, but when I saw this peplum I went crazy!

I really like this trend, and I think I’m going to buy peplum clothes, so much so, that I’ll end up getting tired of it, I’m sure that some of you will be with this one, or with the studs, or with the jewel necklaces, or with any other trend hehe

The studs I am buying moderately because I have tired of seeing them so much, however, the booties fell in love with me since they went on sale, and I did not intend to release them, but I tried them with this look and I liked the easy result and a little rocker

What do you think? Have you bought peplum or tachas?Loving PeplumLoving Peplum

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By HieuJa