Christmas has already arrived!!! Dates to remember the world, to take stock of past days and projects with future … Touch to get dizzy and get the most sentimental vein, it is to thank you for your unconditional support, for your comments, for your emails, for your words Of affection, for your suggestions … For being part of our life!

We have almost two years in this little corner and nothing makes us happier (well, maybe a 2.55!!) than share this passion that we have for fashion with you!

Merry Christmas DressesThanks also to Dominique for all the moments that we have lived together at the front of our blog. The excursions to Zara, shopping afternoons, stealth photographs, the early risers, I could not have a better company or a friend!

And as a gift of super delusion, we leave the trailer for Sex in the City 2! Now that it’s about dream and excitement, why not think of a life like Carrie Bradshaw???

And besides, I leave you the video clip of a song that has me trapped!!! I love!!! If Ramonc√≠n learned of the times that I listen to it at the end of the day I would get a ticket!!! Jajajajajja … We hope you like it! Also after watching the trailer of SATC2 sure sounds to you…

Merry Christmas! And you know, tomorrow Santa Claus leaves us a gift!

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By HieuJa