Natural makeup

We could see this week as the natural makeup was imposed on the world’s most famous carpet, the Oscars. And is that the end, what is not noticed is what most favors us. The effect “looks how pretty I got up” is the most desired but not always the easiest to get. The luminosity of the face with a pinkish blush. In short, and a natural beauty is what we want.

One of the brands of cosmetics that I like or, what is the same, the most I invest. I like the variety they have, the richness of the colorful and the many possibilities they offer. And in fact, just get something that comes as a finger ring, N Collection. Soft tones that give that touch of naturalness and luminosity that we seek…Natural makeup

MAC Makeup

Surely you have a friend who has a cousin that her sister once did a course of makeup and have told you their theoretical lessons a few times because she, they say, is always very beautiful makeup, but it’s time to The truth and you do not remember the order or the concert and you end up with the mask smeared and as if you had returned from a mission in Congo…Natural makeup

The secret, to choose tones similar to those of our skin, to give color and light to our face, is the “rouge” (as the word well indicates.) For international blush, why will things in English sound with much more glamor?). Steps to follow: corrector (to cover granites, dark circles and other imperfections), makeup (I encourage you to apply it with a brush, avoiding excesses), we pass to the eyes, lips, powder to fix the makeup and blush…

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My advice is that if you have not done so, spend a day for MAC and concert your appointment. Sometimes they have courses, other times they only make up … In any case it is a good excuse to leave us releasing in the handling of the brushes…Natural makeup

There they have everything, creams to prepare the skin for makeup, lipsticks to put us at any time, products that keep our face fresh all day, shine, shadows … Ask them what you want and they will help!

The brushes are very good idea, it is much easier to make up and the results are better. At MAC they have a few, but I have to tell you, we are at the end of the month and in the middle of the economic crisis, that in Mercadona there are a few that have no waste, For makeup, powders, rouge, And the best. Those of Eyes One to apply the shadow on the mobile eyelid and another to blur it, they are great and, indeed, the eyes are spectacular with four touches of nothing!Natural makeup

I have to say that after a few trips to MAC, I make myself much better and I know how to get much more out of it. In fact, now I do it better than them, only you know to boost what you like most!!! In the future I promise to post with my favorite products, an advance, the eye shadow Concrete is one of the best things that have happened to me in life.