Party Dresses With Cape

Party Dresses

Party Dresses? The first party dresses with cape that I saw was two years ago, and it was in  Maje, and many clones have been coming out over the past two years, and I have to say that I love it. The yellow, which Zara cloned this summer, and that Lola showed us in one of her wedding looks , and we have seen ad nauseam in different blogs, other brands cloned and versioned, well for this autumn some firms have bet for dresses and some coveralls with cape seen the furor they caused.

Those that I have rescued are ideal if you are looking for a wedding look or if you are already in search and capture some look for the next Christmas. Take note! This is the best party dresses for everyone.

Party Dresses With CapeBgo & Me  has taken several models, this color makeup is ideal and there is in red, bougainvillea, blue and turquoise. Super flattering!

Color Nude in its latest collection of party dresses, which you can also see here , brings some dresses with a layered effect like this bougainvillea long sleeve. In addition, the firm has released its first collection of wedding dresses and there is also a nod to this type of garment with a cape, like the dress that I leave with you. What do you think?

Party Dresses With CapeDouble Ikkat leaves us with its version of a party dress with a blue asymmetrical cape with a jewel detail on the shoulder.

Maje also returns this season to release her star-shaped dress with a V-shaped neckline with transparency and a round neckline. I want it!

Party Dresses With CapePoète  leaves us in her latest collection with this beautiful dress in dark blue with a coat layer too beautiful!

Finally Bg & Me   also bet on adding cloak to their monkeys, like this black that is ideal with its famous pen belt.

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By HieuJa