Rainy days

Do you like rainy days? Nothing, I’m never ready for them! I do not have waterproof boots, I do not have raincoats, I never take umbrellas and I always choose the least appropriate shoes!

In fact, I show you my look on Monday, with my suede boots from Pull & Bear! They are ideal but not suitable for rain! And I got up on the plan “I do not know what to wear, I do not have anything”, so I reused a dress this summer, with thick stockings and a rather chubby sweater on top. After khaki parka and accessories in leather color!

Do you like it?

By the way, I’ve cut my hair and you do not know how bad I manage it! I am a disaster and I still cannot get it over me and that I have it easy, easy! But I opted for a straight cut and it is more complicated to comb it than a scaling! What do you think?Rainy daysRainy daysRainy daysRainy days

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By HieuJa