Ready For Burning

The desired moment has come for many, and for me too, it is time to burn. This selection is very personal, if you do not agree or find other items that go directly to the burning do not hesitate to send it!

I start the fire with this layer of River Island, the truth is that it is not the most horrific garment in history, but I have a lot of mania to this type of layers, with hair on the ends, hood, that is not seen but the He has, and that color, I think, does not favor anyone.

Ready For BurningIt’s not the first time I’ve sent to the bonfire t-shirts, and not all the drawings seem suitable for a shirt, and some are not as good as this bat cat … my hair is like escarpias.

What about the molder underwear, I’ve said it a thousand times, I do not like it! But is that these panties I think the total antilujuria, and the worst is that they are worth … hold on to the whopping 66 of euros! We’re going crazy …

Ready For BurningI never was a supporter of the ‘flatform’ or the platforms in the flat shoes and those that Asos proposes to us in silver seem orthopedic, I sent them straight to the stake!

It is not the first time I see belts ‘peplum’, I do not like them, but I can understand them in some case, but Zara has been with this … it is a real skirt! Let’s almost sell it as such; for sure it’s more successful.

Ready For BurningThere are many clones of Jeffrey Campbell’s Spike ankle boots, and this is one of them, first they always seemed a little coarse and uncomfortable to walk in conditions, if you add this mixture of colors, and this heel I sent them to the bonfire!

The pleats are treacherous, you have to be careful with them, even the thinnest can look like a table shirt if you do not choose the right pleats … and to show a button this dress should not exist, it does no favor to us.

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By HieuJa