Red Evening Dress, The red color, like the flashing of fire or burning, rose petals, fills the image with passion, self-confidence, and superiority of femininity. It is such an evening dress that can attract attention to you at any celebration, and therefore it rarely tolerates a modest incarnation.

Create a spectacular image in red will help outfits from the salon of Valencia. For example, CASSANDRA from a scarlet satin with a translucent, embroidered patterns of beads top; Ornell’s model of a tight cut of a dark shade with a lace bodice, V-neck and around loop; cherry dress BORDO with a multi-layered skirt, decorated top paillettes, with a portrait neckline and a wide draped belt.

Red Evening Dress In The Floor

Exquisite attire in the palette of scarlet and burgundy can be both provocative, cocky and sexy, and very elegant, discreet and luxurious. He disarms and seduces.

Romantic natures are suitable red elegant dresses with a multi-layered skirt and tight top that look feminine and luxurious.

The bodice can be satin with different décolleté shapes. Another option – lace tops, as in the models from the collection LORANGE. The red dress on the floor of DAMLA is decorated with a heart-shaped azhoure with graceful straps, and the JULIENNE model is complemented by translucent sleeves and an insert on the back with applications.Red Evening Dress for 2018

An exclusive and sensual image will present the evening dress of a crochet-top. The separate top and skirt leave a spicy strip of bare skin on the waist, as in the MERLO cherry model with a lace top and a satin skirt “mermaid”. This cut is rarely used, but invariably captures the sights and helps to emphasize your personality.

A more elegant and restrained version will be embodied in an A-silhouette with a flared skirt in a satin floor, as in a MALBEC carmine-pink outfit with silver appliqués on an open bodice and hips.

Even a straight style with a flying skirt looks spectacular due to the strawberry shade. The brightness of the image will emphasize the sensual neckline or translucent top, as in the model LAURA RED with a lacy top and a thin waist at the waist.

Red evening dresses on the floor are ideal:

  • Original cut with seductive inserts.
  • The decoration of the skirt with thin multi-layer draperies or luxurious folds.
  • Piquant decollete of different shapes, cuts on skirts, open waist or shoulders.
  • Expensive materials. Velvet gives the image a noble secularity, the atlas emphasizes splendor and sophistication, and lace sets off luxury and romance.

All these techniques are reflected in our evening dresses. On the photo, there is a tight SANDRA dress with a V-neck and a translucent sweater on the waist, side, and back, a satin model TAYLOR with soft folds and an open heart corset, a RACHEL dress with a closed top, flared skirt and elegant motifs.

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Long Red Dresses

Make the evening image truly magnificent will allow a long red outfit with a train. One of the spectacular options – a dress-transformer. In it, the strap is fastened to the waist, as in the lace model CATALUNYA with floral print and beige lining. A more classic version of the train is a continuation of the skirt, complementing the fitting, A-shaped or magnificent shape. In the evening raspberry dress GAUDI with a beaded trim of a translucent bodice, the train emphasizes the subtlety of the silhouette of the “mermaid”. Another luxury version is represented by a LISEO outfit of a straight style with a lacy scarlet decor on a beige background and a sumptuous train.Red Evening Dress for 2018

Interesting red long evening dress in the style of minimalism. Laconic cut, fine lines, smooth fabrics – everything in them works to create an elegant and sensual image. To diversify the evening models help small openwork inserts, as in a satin version of STELLA with a split corset on the straps and lace back, or spectacular decor. For example, in a red outfit EMMA of a fitting silhouette, long strings of beads intertwined on the naked shoulders and back.

Short Red Dresses

The long evening dress looks exquisitely and spectacular, but only a cocktail dress with a daring mini-length in the scarlet shade is able to impress with its seductiveness. It is ideal for club parties because it does not hamper the movement during the dance.Red Evening Dress for 2018

Plus, thanks to the short length you will demonstrate the beauty of slender legs. Top of the model: open corset, thin top, closed top with long sleeves and other variations. The corset bodice with the neckline “heart” looks piquant, and straight cut gives it a laconic restraint, as in the dress OKSANA MUKHA 15-743-5 with a multi-layered skirt and belt. The elegance of the short model will give satin and top on narrow straps, for example, in attire 16-1088 with deep decollete and a lush bow on the back.

Besides miniskirts, short evening dresses of red color have a lot of interpretations of cut. For example, lacy dress LIDIA with sleeves and just below the knees, or a coral dress-mallet ZARA with a corset “heart”, a large sparkling buckle on the belt and a cascading skirt, in front opening legs to the middle of the thighs, and behind falling to the floor.

Cocktail models can have extravagant features – for example, complementing a midi skirt with a cascaded flared flounce, as in ARCHELIA with a short sleeve and lace texture. Similar options can afford high-growth girls with long legs.

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Tips For Stylists To Choose A Shade Of Red Dress

The image in red will not tolerate compromises, so you must be flawless. And most importantly, what you should pay attention to is a shade. Stylists believe that there are no women who categorically did not gore. He looks equally great on blondes and brunettes, women with dairy or swarthy skin. It is only necessary to choose a suitable tone and saturation, taking into account the color-type.

  • Owners of the winter type should pay attention to the cold but saturated gamma: scarlet, carmine, cowberry, ruby.
  • Girls of “spring” appearance prefer light clothes in a warm palette: salmon, peach, light red, reddish-coral, as in the model MADIN with a lacy closed top and satin flared skirt, etc.
  • Owners of the color-type “summer” are suitable powdery, muted and cool shades: Bordeaux, watermelon, crimson, as in the exquisite mermaid “FLORES” from crepe with a train and black beaded embroidery on the back and shoulders.
  • Girls with the color-type “autumn” look elegantly and harmoniously in rich and warm shades of red with notes of red, brown, cherry, as in a dress, RIES with delicate translucent top over a white corset and satin skirt “fish” with an exquisite train.

By Madani