School clothes, divided by the crop top

The evolution of the school dress code that rigorous elegance of the uniform evolves in clothing easy and too libertine of the day. How important is the clothing to school? For some decades is questioned the importance of adopting a dress code during school hours.

School clothes, divided by the crop topIn the era of social revolution, where everything is very easy, even the school system has been relieved of the rigidity that made ??him detached from the students, allowing them to express their personality from clothing.

Fashion has always followed the cultural and social changes, and if once adopted the uniform now, thanks to the Cultural Revolution, you can choose what to wear without restrictions. In fact the use of the school uniform disappears entirely after the war, leaving confidence and choice to students who by this time they choose for themselves the clothes to wear, as attested by the principles of common sense and education.

What in the past was banned, now prey foot powerfully between school walls, leaving room for a wide variety of outfits that sometimes are not GP rules and decency.

The charm of the uniform is damped as it restricts the individualism of students who do not are free to express their character and the social and cultural differences.

But this happens only in Italy, in fact jackets and tartan skirts in America and England are taken from the most renowned schools, making it almost a utopia for the atria school students can minor wear the colors of the high school elite.

Across the world, in Japan, the school uniform is glamor and fashion, and is considered a leader trendy and very feminine.

If other countries the currency is synonymous with pride and Fashion is made ??by the most popular television series like Gossip Girl, our only remains a symbol of restriction.

More and more students unaware of etiquette present themselves in schools with flip-flops, shorts and bared belly creating inconvenience to the institutions that are forced to take action in this regard.

There are few controversies created by these measures, which reaffirmed that “the school is not a disco” and the dress code although slight should be respected.

Famous Circular leader of Liceo Righi di Roma, Monica Galloni, who with much sympathy invites his students to reflect on clothing school: “From the Latin ‘eligere -choose- elegance is the ability to choose between multiple alternatives. A school show their underpants while walking through the halls, not elegant. If you were to become a testimonial of someone, maybe yes.” And if students complain of the high temperatures, the manager replied: “We are fortunate to live in an area of the world benefited from the so-called temperate climate, should you ever attend schools located in areas of equatorial climate, we will talk again.”

Although the evolution in school has led to significant changes in giving free rein to fashion, it must always remember that elegance is the basis of everything and that we can be distinguished even with a simple t-shirt.