The 21st Century Guide to Mother of the Bride Dress Etiquette

A wedding day is a memory to treasure forever. From the cake to the dress, this event requires nothing less than precision planning, for noteworthy success. Guests will want to feel like superstars at your celebration. Yet perhaps there’s one lady for whom special thanks need to be reserved? Sharing the experience of selecting a wedding outfit for your mother is one way to show your appreciation – and ensure she feels like a celebrity mother of the bride.

The 21st Century Guide to Mother of the Bride Dress EtiquetteFor help reinventing this important ritual, the following guide to mother of the bride dress etiquette will propel you both down the aisle in 21st century style:

Keep the Lines of Communication Flowing

According to Debretts excellent communication is key to encouraging appropriate dress selection. Ideally the bride and groom’s mothers can confer, in order to avoid potential outfit clashes or similarities. Once a suitable agreement has been reached, shopping can commence.

Understand Her Style

With so much choice available, it can be difficult to envision the perfect mother of the bride dress. The first step would be to consider the level of formality required for the wedding location. Allowing her enough liberty to choose the perfect design that appeals to her unique sense of chic is the other key to creating harmony here. It may also be worth noting that she may not want a dress at all!

Look to the New World to Stay Ahead of Trends

New York Fashion Week bridal trends such as those available at bridal-trends indicate that silk pant suits, elaborate lace bodices and water colour blush will be popular in 2016. Mothers may wish to opt for subtle shades, longer lengths and inconspicuous accessories that will complement rather than detract attention from the bride’s gown and many look to sites like style and the bride and others for inspiration. If in doubt, a black dress never goes out of style. White, however, always remains the province of the bride.

Decide Where You Stand on the Hat Debate

The perennial question of hat etiquette always rears its head at weddings. To wear or not to wear? The answer to this modern millinery musing is yes, but keeping it simple and elegant is advised. If undecided, remember fascinators are the epitome of practicality and sophistication – just like your mother.