The Best Complements Of Karim Rashid

Spring is already here and to receive it with all the color it deserves we tell you what are the best accessories for this new season spring summer 2017 brought by one of the most daring designers, Karim Rashid. What is clear is that this year there will be a burst of color.

One of the most explosive creations in colors comes this year from the hand of the Egyptian designer Karim Rashid. The most provocative and fashionable creator of recent times has shown us that breaking with convention and daring to innovate is how the best ideas come about.The Best Complements Of Karim Rashid

His new collection will give life, color, and originality to your accessories, among which are the original watches in bright colors and sporty design or sunglasses with a really decorative frame.

For the feet, the Greek has designed a creative sandal with rubber strips and flour colors, ideal to take with glamor to the beach, although in originality we are left with the boots of summer that leave the discovered fingers.The Best Complements Of Karim Rashid

 We cannot leave aside the handbags that Karim Rashid has created for this spring summer 2017 season, such as this innovative design elongated in shades of pink, oranges and soft green to wear on a day to day basis, or collection of colors plus fluorine with details Of lines in disparate strokes.

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 If you are looking for a beachier design what is clear is that you will not go unnoticed, the pink floor will be the furor of the season as we are coming forward, several designers.The Best Complements Of Karim Rashid

Your arms will also wear this spring with amazing bracelets designed by Rashid, very original shapes, and pearls that seem to want to get out of your arms with matching earrings Or some creations with more Egyptian styles fused with the French distinction.

If this spring you want to show off the color and the innovation, Karim Rashid’s designs are ideal, it’s just a matter of deciding. and having a little money.