The Neon Is In Fashion

The fluorescent shades have flooded the streets and shop windows this spring. The looks are happy, become strident and color invades everything. It is the time of year when we can bet on cheerful and daring styles without worrying too much.

It is not about wearing a completely electric look, which is almost impossible to look at. The key is to combine supplements or clothes in these tones, with other garments in neutral colors.The Neon Is In Fashion

The yellow, the green, the fuchsia and orange are most take, and you can combine them with more sober styles like black or pastel shades.

The trendy neon reminds us a little of styles from other eras, more seventies, eighties, and clubbers. But it is already known that fashion always returns to other eras even if it ends up reinventing itself.The Neon Is In Fashion

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Many designers and low-cost brands have incorporated them into their windows this trend for spring-summer 2017.

Carrying tons fluorescent is easy at this time of year. You can combine a floaty dress with a bag in fluorescent tones, or a belt that input color. T-shirts in strong colors with jeans and dancers or sandals will be a sure hit. If you prefer, combine a short black dress with a heel in fuchsia or lime green to get a party look to the last.The Neon Is In Fashion

It is mix styles without ending up looking like a clown. It depends on what you’re daring you can do more classic combinations or go for a look more garish in which mix different shades. You will find many garments and accessories that follow this trend in stores, only try to find the one that best suits your style. You know, if it’s not for you, you better not wear it.