The Return Of Hazel Shoes

Hazel owes a lot to this pair of shoes. In my case they were the letter of introduction of this brand and they became very special shoes. Patricia Conde and other famous ones used them in innumerable occasions and little by little they were becoming popular through forums, blogs … First were the hazelnut, the chocolate and the black ones. In the second round they changed the hazelnut for the cinnamon, a darker but quite similar tone.

In this new edition the blacks repeat and the white ones appear! When you saw the photos of my wedding many asked me about the shoes, but the color, a rather dark caramel tone, made you doubt. Those of Hazel have taken note, because in white they are perfect for girlfriend. I would not have changed mine for the world, I wanted a touch of discreet color, but I cannot deny that they are precious.

The Return Of Hazel ShoesDo you like these shoes? What is your favorite color? How do you see white for girlfriend? Places to order in pink stick have to be wonderful!

The Return Of Hazel ShoesIn addition, among the novelties we have found these boots suspiciously similar to those of Chlo√© . Since I saw the photos of Sienna Miller with them I was dreaming of finding something similar and what you want me to say, I like even more than the originals, which cost about 600 euros. I’m looking forward to the store! If you do not like them in that color they are also dark green and black.

The Return Of Hazel ShoesDoes the clone win the original? Do you like this kind of boot?

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By HieuJa