Uterqüe, What Great Clones

The new fall season is on the way to become the most clones we have found. I have already lost count of how many bags, dresses, and shoes … we have hunted. Now it’s Uterqüe’s turn, which is usually quite discreet when it comes to cloning, but when it does, it does. Of the wonderful new collection, we have fichados three clones of maximum quality. 

Uterqüe, What Great ClonesThe original bag of Proenza Schoulder is one of the most desired by the celebrities, in any of its colors. The crocodile skin reaches the extortionate price of 13,000 euros, although there are some models from 1,200. It seems to me the perfect bag for every day, type male briefcase, but with shoulder strap to make it more comfortable. And I have to say, without being a precedent, that I like the clone of Uterqüe more than the original.  The first to see it pass the report: price, quality, colors … I think I need it.

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Some of my favorite sandals of all time are the Tribute of YSL and I have clear that if someday I can invest in a good pair of shoes have all the ballots. For now I have to settle for this Uterqüe inspiration, with a more normal platform, which only lacks the central strip to be perfect. They cost 80 euros and they are on my Wishlist for next month.

And lastly I present you the Uterqüe winter jersey-dress (60 euros): navy blue, mustard stripes and golden buttons on shoulders and sleeves. Does not it remind you of the one we saw in the Chloé parade? I stole the photo from O’Style , which he feels luxurious. I already have mine!


By HieuJa