Wear A Monkey At Your Next Wedding! Tips And Advice


¬†Wedding? The use of monkeys or jumpsuits is a trend that we have been observing for quite some time, but until now only the most daring ones put them at weddings. The fact is that this summer I have already seen several pretty guest looks at the weddings I’ve been to and also several of you in the mails that you sent us and with what I like this garment … I’ve finally cheered up and I bought a coral-colored monkey for the wedding I have this weekend. What a desire to release it!

The truth is that there are options for all tastes, the case is to find one that fits our budget and give it a personal touch with the accessories. Of course also, keep in mind that it is a very different garment to the dresses, and that to take them to a wedding as a guest does not follow the same protocols to which we are accustomed.

Wear A Monkey At Your Next Wedding! Tips And AdviceWe will see different ways to wear a party monkey as a wedding guest, and how we can get more out of it to win in elegance at all times. Remember that we already talked on the blog about monkeys for the end of the year.

In general the smooth ones are easier to combine and we can risk with striking accessories , but there are some ideal prints that we can wear without adding anything else.

Inspire yourself with these options that we show you, and if you want to buy your most original garment, head over to Asos by clicking here , and you will see what beauty they have available.

Wear A Monkey At Your Next Wedding! Tips And AdviceParty monkey for weddings

Monkey with glitters

It is essential to wear the jumpsuit with a heel to stylize and I love how they are with metallic belts.

Choose accessories that match the style of the monkey, and of course, with which you feel comfortable, because you have to endure all night dancing.

Wear A Monkey At Your Next Wedding! Tips And AdviceGuest dresses

My favorite the asymmetric or those that have some detail in the back. For the day you can choose more vivid colors , and combine them with tops accessories like wreaths, but for the night the most discreet colors are preferable, and you can wear them with metallic accessories that make it shine even more.

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By HieuJa