Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and other Celebrities (among which there are also men) are true fans of these supplements.

In my opinion, offer a very personal and the wide variety of fabrics, patterns and designs that are touch, they can perfectly complete a chic urban outfit, sport or.

Depending on the length and cut your hair you can place different forms. There are some so you can show off:

Headband Type:

If the scarf is not more than 50 or 60 cm is ideal for use in this way, tying to the front and tie is finalizes type or a bun.

Wear Fashion Head Scarf
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If you have bangs or leave it past the scarf or take advantage tightness and made back below the fabric and you have left the forehead exposed, it is a whole new look.

Now if the scarf is long, you have the option to tie in the neck and let the ends hanging to one side over her shoulder, if you have your hair cut you can tie in the neck with a big bow.

Another is screwed all handkerchief and tie behind the neck.

Wear Fashion Head Scarf
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Diadem inverted:

You take a square scarf and fold it in the middle but tips together to make it triangle, then fold inward type the tip of the triangle and then you put the widest part the back of the neck and under the hair, then tie it up over his head once done this takes several strands of hair forward to cover the ears.

Another is the pirate type , that although it is a beach and street style, I can assure you with tissue lame gold or silver looks great for going out.

Now that the hair taut takes, you can make a ponytail and put a handkerchief in the bun.