White Pre Fall

And if the rebates have not yet finished booting … Some brands already present us their collections of autumn-winter! In the case of Blanco, they make us an advance of what awaits us in the form of Pre Fall (like the big ones), so that we can be getting to the idea of ​​what will last the discounts in the stores …

White Pre FallBut we all do well, while we rummage through the piles of clothes, we do not stop chopping new season clothes, I do not know if it is a coincidence or the result of the boredom that my summer clothes produce at this point, but I often seem the most beautiful clothes in the collections!

White Pre FallFrom this look I ask for the shirt and the bag! They are so cute!!!

White Pre FallAnd although we may be tired of the stripes sailors, the cut of this dress is different and fancy!

White Pre FallQuilted bags start to be a pest / nightmare. Blanco arrives late with a proposal that Pull and Bear has already had this season.

Blanco’s dresses usually surprise me. The lencer touch of this one, I love it!

And in a little while … A few more photos !!!

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By HieuJa