Written, prints and flowers the fantasies that set trends

By optical prints or floral written to the most original, these are the fantasies must have of the season. The outfits directly from street style is confirmed.

Written, prints and flowers the fantasies that set trendsThat style does not create more just on the catwalk is known. Trends move it in the air during the fashion weeks, moving directly from the collections presented by designers to street style, fashion there where the atmosphere is very hot.

Fashion That’s where he revived the trend or confirmed must-have, with fashion bloggers, stylists and models who flaunt outfits out of the ordinary, special and often created specifically to capture the objectives of photographers (he showed Nicholas Carradori).

During the latest fashion shows of men’s fashion spring summer 2015-2016, street style has had one common denominator to all those who have captured attention with their combinations and objectives Photographer: written, prints and flowers were fantasies most common, used extravagantly, surprising, sometimes with gusto, sometimes not.

The lines, the geometric optical patterns, polka dots and floral prints are reconfirmed therefore a must have, but finding a new style key as match them together.

Shoes with flowers, jackets with inscriptions and huge fun and luxury handbags decorated with stickers super kitsch, such as sneakers and skirts decorated with floral patterns or drawings of giant colored phosphorescent jackets. Fashion

And if the general rule that once wanted the different patterns were never combined together in the same outfit, now the revolution seems to have taken the upper hand with extravagant combinations, denoting thus a surplus of creativity, can arouse curiosity, however. And why not dare and take inspiration from them?