4 easy steps to apply concealer

4 easy steps to apply concealer
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The concealer can be your best ally or your worst enemy if you don’t know how to make good use of it.

The concealer helps you camouflage all those imperfections, such as dark circles, but for this it is very important to know your skin, if it is more oily or drier, to choose the correct one that best suits it, in addition to choosing the ideal shade for your skin color and dark circles, and the amount necessary to cover it.

Next, we tell you how to correctly apply your concealer in 4 easy steps and some tips to avoid some common mistakes.

Choosing the right shadeeasy steps to apply concealer

The concealer should always be a shade below that of your makeup base, but without going over, since the idea is to camouflage the dark circles, not to be the center of attention of makeup. Depending on the shade of the dark circles, you will have to choose a concealer shade or another, orange for brown circles, pink for purple circles, and beige for soft circles.

Hydrate the area

It is essential that the eye contour is hydrated before applying the concealer, in this way we prevent the concealer from cracking, and instead of concealing, it further marks the lines of expression.

Apply concealereasy steps to apply concealer

The order of application of the products is as or more important than the choice of the products that you are going to use.

The makeup base should never be applied to the entire face, the dark circles’ area should be avoided, since if we apply the base and over the concealer, we will be recharging the area, and instead of covering it, we will further accentuate the imperfections. In case you need to cover excessively, it is better to apply two thin layers than one that is too thick.

Therefore, we will apply the base, avoiding the dark circles, and later, the concealer. For this, you can use both your finger, a sponge, or a small brush that allows you to be as precise as possible, and always by tapping, you should never drag the product, since, in that case instead of covering, we will be removing product.

Fix concealer

To fix the concealer you can apply a little fixing powder in the area of ​​the eyecup, always in a small amount, since, if the area is dried too much, it will mark the expression lines much more. Always ensuring that the concealer has not been cracked before applying powders.

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