Business Style: Fashion 2018

The pace of life and the speed with which people contact each other and solve current problems clearly affected the business style of clothing. Powerful and serious suits for the business lady have undergone changes and become more democratic, but this is no less exquisite. Business Casual is a style that dominates the environment of successful women, a new classic.Business Style: Fashion 2018

Clothing for business style

Style casual in the broadest sense is associated with simplicity, light negligence, and convenience of clothing. It is built on improvisation and restrained sexuality. Things for the usual image of the casual differ in the classic cut, the lack of detail, and a discreet color scheme.

The street version of the style has a very wide scope, but it is still limited and does not cover, for example, frankly sportswear, evening backgammon or shocking things. At the heart of the direction is a combination of comfort, neatness and graceful lines. Blurred boundaries can put a beginner at a dead end, but many successful examples from fashionable collections help you navigate.

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Business casual – one of the offshoots of the style, which has become a salvation for women obliged to comply with the dress code, but absolutely not intended to dress boringly or too strictly. From the images business casual breezes with freedom, self-confidence. They show a sense of the style of a woman who knows exactly where to stay, to look elegant and interesting, but to remain at the same time within the limits of what is allowed. Sometimes the direction is called a smart key, but it’s one and the same: the perfect solution for a business lady who appreciates elegance and wants to look every day every day.

Business Style: Fashion 2018

Fashionable combinations in the business style

Business fashion has its own criteria, but they give slack when it comes to the business style of the business. Traditional clothes for the office can be deprived of its ceremonies without compromising on the status. Some actual trends can easily fit into everyday elegant images.

  • Monochrome: a good solution that requires care when choosing a texture. It should be different so that the image does not end up being too simple.
  • Geometry: a fashion strip, peas or a cage as it is impossible by the way. Use shirts, blouses and other items that combine two contrasting colors to bring variety. A win-win option will be a combination of black and white.
  • Logos and inscriptions. They are not just permissible, they are in demand. However, the drawing on a T-shirt or top should not be vulgar, stupid, or too bright – noticeable, but not dominant. A good decision to reduce the degree of seriousness.
  • Brutal cut. In the trend shirts, completely repeating the cut of men’s styles, which means no waist and darts, the presence of simple cuffs and sharp collars. The same goes for jackets. Instead of rounded shapes and cute buttons, choose the classic cut and straight lines. The contrast will emphasize the fragility of the female figure and will give an opportunity to lightly touch another trend – overweight clothing. Here it is also relatively free jeans from the 90’s. This is a classic, received a second life, and perfectly combined with blouses, shirts, jackets, and heels.

Business Style: Fashion 2018

Things and accessories worth investing in 2018

An excellent investment of funds will be a quality trouser suit in a masculine style. If possible, you should also find a pencil skirt in the kit. Jacket or jacket – you choose, but the first option is more versatile. A successful style will add an image of status and will serve you more than one season because such kits do not go out of fashion.

Clothing in the style of business casual must be of perfect quality, and it’s not just about the strength of the seams. The first-class material is the guarantee of safety and impeccable kind of things. Such products are less crumpled and well-shaped, which is extremely important for the business image.

Buy not too wide trouser style trousers of light color with long legs. This solution will allow them to be worn both in the office and after work. In order to refresh the image, you only need to make a turn and open the floor of the jacket.

When choosing women’s shoes for the office, pay attention to the models from the latest shows. The designers unanimously put forward boats with a sharp nose for the role of the best light and elegant shoes. Shoes for work should not have too high a heel, therefore be guided by steady oblique or cone-shaped variants.

Business Style: Fashion 2018

The classics are white sneakers, which definitely will not be idle. Yes, to put them directly into the office is unlikely to work out, but the opportunity to change the sharp-nosed boats for comfortable and stylish shoes to meet outside the business space will be a real gift. Especially if you take into account that the image has nothing more to fix. This is the main advantage of business casual kits for young women.

As accessory glasses can act. The palm of the championship this season received two opposite options: narrow dark lenses in the style of the “Matrix” and wide models that cover a large part of the face. The bag chooses a rigid, geometric shape. Remember that the emphasis in the image can be set not only by color but also by design.

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For the role of outerwear is a suitable classic trench coat or its more democratic version – a womanly raincoat in the power of a windbreaker. Those who are not ready to experiment, topical coat of direct cut to the middle of the hip. Choose basic shades to easily vary other elements of the image.

Business Style: Fashion 2018

In one image there should not be too many ornaments and accessories, so when choosing, be guided not by how to combine them with each other, but by the one to which each specific element will fit. Watches and glasses for one outfit, a bracelet, and a hat for another, elegant beads or a pendant for the third.

  • The set in the business style should be neat, elegant and feminine.
  • Choose anything of the classic cut, given the current popularity of clothing in the masculine style and geometry in cuts and patterns.
  • Do not be afraid to combine several colors, breaking sets and company them in a new way.

By Madani