Conservative Style in Men's Clothes

If you can go for a walk or a party in jeans and a T-shirt, then such things will not work for official events and the office. You will need to pick up clothes in a more strict conservative style for men.

Conservative Style in Men's Clothes

This is due to a number of reasons: the opinion formed in the society, the demand of the leadership, the need to make an appropriate impression on the business partners. What things need to wear to look like a real gentleman in the summer and autumn of 2018?

A bit of history

Fashion researchers believe that men’s caftans worn by representatives of the highest strata of society in the 16th century were the prototype of the classic jacket. Over time, this item went out of fashion, it was replaced by a tailcoat. A little later, in the 17th century, not very comfortable wardrobe items were replaced by elongated jackets, fitted with wide floors at the back. It was during this period that the first rules of wearing clothes in a conservative style appeared.

Conservative Style in Men's Clothes

In the 19th century, Briton D. Brummell made the first costume, similar to modern models. It consisted of a troika consisting of a tailcoat, vest, and trousers, moreover, the top and bottom differed in color. Boots with high tops were used as shoes; the costume was complemented with a scarf tied around the neck.

At the beginning of the XX century, these items of clothing have changed significantly. They began to sew costumes of a single color scale, cufflinks appeared. It mattered, what color clothes and where it was appropriate to wear, there was a different cut. The dress code was treated much more strictly. According to him, as well as on the material from which things were sewn, it was determined that a person belongs to a particular layer of society.

Conservative style today

To look stylish and businesslike, you must have in your closet:

Suit. It should be a classic style, monophonic or in small stripes. Fitted single-breasted jackets are suitable for any shape and full – length people should avoid double-breasted models. The color is chosen depending on the time of the year, in the summer it is better to put on things of light tones, and in the fall – dark. The material should also match the weather.

In the trend of 2018, different shades: blue, turquoise, lilac, wine, coffee and even moderately pink. Bright and rich colors are in fashion, but it should be remembered that pastel shades are peculiar to the conservative style, and therefore it is better to choose discreet combinations. You can’t go wrong if your costume is black or gray.

Conservative Style in Men's Clothes

The shirt. The classic provides two options: polo or oxford. The fabric of the latter is painted in one direction, due to which a special texture is obtained. The shirt’s win-win color is white, but other shades can be tried on. No figures are allowed, with the exception of a small strip or a barely visible cell. Keep track of the size of the collar, it should not be a neck or be too loose. Ideally, the index finger should quietly enter under the gate.

Sweater. In order not to freeze in the cold, you will need a sweater with a V-shaped neckline or a knitted vest. They can successfully replace the classic vest and look good without a jacket.

Shoes. Here the choice is great, it all depends on your preferences. In the heat, you can wear moccasins, in cooler weather – lace-up shoes, derby or oxfords. It is advisable to choose shoes made of genuine leather or suede. Its color should be darker than the suit, if it is black, then the shoes should also be the same.

Attributes of a conservative style

If a freestyle, such as casual, allows you to do without a tie, in our case it is mandatory. The color solution can be the most diverse; the most important thing is to combine it with a suit and a shirt. There should be no drawing; the conservative style allows only a strip.

Conservative Style in Men's Clothes

Accessories well complement the image of a person who wants to look like a real gentleman. The hand must have a watch, better if it is gold. But today there are many European companies that produce less expensive, but still stylish and fashionable accessories. And do not forget to bring a briefcase, leather or from a good substitute. He will finalize your image of a person in business because there are probably very important papers in it. Carrying other bags, especially those that are slung over the shoulder, is not allowed.

Let’s summarize…

  • The conservative style appeared long ago, but the first costume, similar to the modern one, was only seen in the 19th century. His homeland was Great Britain.
  • In the wardrobe of a business, the person should be a classic suit, shirt, sweater with a V-neck, as well as shoes of certain models.
  • The presence of a tie, monophonic or striped.
  • On the hand of a business person should watch the watch, gold or from another metal, but famous brand.
  • A nice addition to the image will be a leather briefcase with important documents.

By Madani