Converse Mario Bross Shoes

I was looking for an original shoe to give my boy, when suddenly I discovered in Converse sneaker these super made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mario Bross.

I loved it, and more knowing that my boy is an absolute fan of the entire saga of Mario Bross. How many of us will not have been playing with Mario or small Mario while catching his powers and stars that gave him points and lives. For now Converse has wanted to remember our childhood through some sneakers that give much play.Converse Mario Bross Shoes

The star of the consoles in the 80s returns to star in the collections of sneakers Converse. Models that are available in black and white, and have intense red edges and the typical rubber soles of Converse.

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You can choose a large, small Super Mario or discover the super green turtle on its side on the back of the shoe. In addition, these unisex sneakers can dress both boys and girls. So, at the last moment, I decided to buy the two pairs. You know, one for him, one for me. Impossible to resist, since I thought . What if the collection is then used up?

Converse Mario Bross Shoes

Mario Bross Converse is a quirky, original, modern and totally casual shoe that will give the fun touch, yet modern in any urban outfit you wear. In my case, I have chosen the white color to be able to combine these sneakers with my favorite jeans and also with all the colored leggings I own.

Converse Mario Bross Shoes

My boy will combine his black ones with shorts, shorts and also with light long trousers. If you want to get these branded shoes as soon as possible, and not stay without them, it is better come quickly in the online store and choose Converse model (black and white) who want to have this season.