Apparel fashion trends and fashion sense are total two different types of style. We as fashion gurus live and breath to distinguish the difference and judge life styles by this. That’s why fashion is one of the billion dollars industries in the world. Celebrities are the main advertisement s for designers aside from television shows and magazines that we see and read everyday.

CURRENT MODERN FASHION TRENDSHaving a sense of fashion is someone staying current with the new season’s style like the color palettes, fabrics and cuts. As for trends, it’s more of a style that is worn a certain way at anytime of any season but worn with confidence and pride. Apparel fashion has become a main part of life now a day. Apparel fashion not only shows personality, creativity, character but most of all status of class. With out conscious effort we compliment, judge or envy fashion on others which in end drives us to have or work for better wear. We express many things through fashion and what we wear its gives us a peace of mind and security with society as well as ourselves to be current with the fashion season and trend.

The original fashion capitals where fashion is very important and where most designers live and work are in the fashion capitals such as New York, Milan, London and Paris. Majority choices and trends originate from these cities and than domino effect down across the world. The Apparel fashion world is a very fast pace industry and cut throat. As long as you have a fashion sense, tough skin, drive and motivation, you will succeed and be successful in this industry. The Apparel fashion world is a 24 hours 365 days a year industry that does not sleep. New ideas are thought up, manufactured and sent out for purchase. With this people have to be aware of what’s fashionable and what is obsolete. With our fine media and broadcasting this has given people the chance to experiment and decide what trend they would like to follow from across the world.