English Style In Clothes For Men

The English style of dress was provoked by a special type of character and mentality of its ancestors. It was formed gradually, passed the test of time and entails a certain behavior pattern. In an English three-piece suit, a man unwittingly acquires becoming, recalls discreet manners, becomes somewhat stiff, a real gentleman, in other words.

English Style In Clothes For Men

Fashion historians associate the emergence of a separate concept of “English style” from the 16th and 17th centuries, when the aristocracy class was actively forming in England, with its moral foundations and everyday characteristics. Ladies and gentlemen needed comfortable and practical clothing that emphasized their status. The goal was achieved with the help of refined rigor of color, impeccable quality of the material, concise cut and simple elegance of style. This is how “purism” appeared – a restrained style of clothing, which eventually transformed into a “classical style”, and then acquired a geographical accent in the name – “English style”.

Moreover, the English male aristocrats contributed almost no more to the formation of this particular classical style than their women. It was the English style in men’s clothes that gave the world famous three-piece suits, blazers, prim bowlers and top hats, cozy caps, warm tweed and jersey, a duffle coat, oxfords, Chelsea shoes, and many other practical and beautiful things.

English style markers

The English style has characteristic features by which you define it a mile away.

English Style In Clothes For Men

Conservative style of impeccable cut

Clothing is always a continuation of character. And with respect to the conservative English, this rule works one hundred percent. No outrageous and ostentatious luxury, a minimum of accessories and flashy details – everything is moderate to minimalism. The styles are extremely simple and concise. Cut straight. The result is exquisite, aristocratic and elegant.

Note: tracksuits, polo, t-shirts, and sneakers are not about the English style. And jeans are permissible with great stretch, only in the right frame.

Dear natural fabrics

Such a choice is explained by the same practicality. In foggy Albion, it is always wet and damp. To feel comfortable and “keep the brand” calmly restraint, when you blow the collar, you need warm and comfortable things from comfortable and natural materials – tweed, jersey, wool, cashmere, velveteen, valor. These materials formed the basis of the classic English style.

Discreet color palette

English style is not every color “to face”. He is a black and white classic, admitting to his surroundings gray, brown, dark blue and dark green colors. Sometimes, but rarely, relaxations are made for peach, blue and purple hues.

Note: clothes made in the English style do not allow bright colors and flashy prints, textured and transparent fabrics. Recognized only concise graphic drawings – herringbone, crow’s feet.

That’s what the English style loves is the cage. To her, he breathes unevenly and often uses in his arsenal. We can say that it was the British who introduced fashion to checkered fabrics.

The rules of the English men’s suit

Without a suit, we don’t think English style in men’s clothes. There are enough reasons to wear it in an Englishman’s life – a meeting at a club, a country walk, an official visit, a dinner party, office work …

English Style In Clothes For Men

The costume is a flawless semi-fit fit and a perfect fit. In the classic version of the English jacket has dissected lapels and side slits. At this liberty ends. Collars – strict forms, with lapels, pockets – with flaps or “in a frame”, buttons – to match the suit.

Informal view in English

The blazer exists in the men’s wardrobe as a replacement for the classic jacket for various informal occasions – cricket, golf, and club. The distinctive features of the blazer are a little loose fit and leather or suede inserts on the sleeves, in the elbow area.

Wear a blazer without fail with suit pants and a shirt. If the shirt is plain, the blazer should be dark. If the shirt is plaid or striped, then a light blazer is allowed.

English Style In Clothes For Men

Replacement of classic pants for sports and country activities can serve as jeans, but certainly straight cut, high-quality, from classic denim.

Cardigan and pullover are also less formal clothes. Initially, they were worn only at home. It was considered indecent to look like this in public, but today it is quite acceptable. The condition is one – these things should be made of wool and low-key, muted tones.

An alternative to the strict look of a tweed coat, worn with a classic costume, is a duffle coat, which came into fashion from the English navy, taking with it a comfortable hood, knee-length function, and stylish buttons-sticks.

Pleasant trifles

The English style has its own look at the jewelry of a male look. And, for all his puritan restraint, men’s accessories are diverse.

English Style In Clothes For Men

Complement the stylish image, and at the same time serve as additional protection from climatic vicissitudes, plain or checkered scarves, mufflers, tweed caps, wool hats, cane umbrellas.

Dilute the strict stiffness of the English costume chest and neckerchiefs, suspenders, ties and wool bow ties. According to the laws of style, they have the right to stand out against the background of a jacket, shirt and serve as a color accent. Emphasize the aristocratic nobility of leather accessories – wallet, trouser belt, gloves, and briefcase.

By Madani