Female Cardigan For The Spring Season.

Cardigan is one of the necessary basic things of women’s wardrobe. Female cardigan came into fashion in the early 60-ies of the XIX century, he looked like a loose jacket, which fashionable women adorned with a brooch or light scarves. The modern cardigan has a free, not fitted style, having different lengths, depending on the height and shape. Cardigan is very comfortable, the practical thing in women’s wardrobe, it is easy to combine with other wardrobe items.

Female Cardigan For The Spring Season.

Now fashion designers and manufacturers offer a huge selection of cardigans, you can say for every taste and color. Cardigan is a win-win variant of spring clothing, just the rightly chosen cardigan is able to hide undesirable parts of the figure. He is able in the spring season to warm and profitably sit, decorate the figure. There are several options for wearing a cardigan. The main thing is to choose the ideal female cardigan for the figure, size and color type.

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The rules with which you should know when choosing a female cardigan.

  • If the choice has stopped on a cardigan of a free, broad style, it must be harmonized with clothing that “sits” on the figure, for example, a narrow skirt or classic narrow trousers. This combination will not make the silhouette heavier.
  • If the cardigan is combined with dresses, it is worth paying attention to the length of the dress and cardigan, their length should be the same in this case the image will look visually stylish. In no case should the dress be longer than a cardigan?
  • The correctly selected cardigan will be the basic thing of the women’s wardrobe if properly selected in accordance with the color of the type.
  • Elongated models of cardigans will visually “stretch” the figure, and slenderness will add sleeves in three quarters.

Female Cardigan For The Spring Season.

The size.

Choosing a female cardigan is important to pay attention to its size. Now basically the styles of free-cut cardigans are presented, and you should not choose it freer, or a couple of sizes larger, in this case, the silhouette will become heavier. Choose a cardigan always in accordance with its size, paying attention to its shape and length. A fragile, thin fair-haired woman should pay attention to models of cardigans of freestyle, medium length, visually such a cardigan will add a volume to the figure. Women and girls with a lush figure, fashion designers recommend choosing cardigans with deep cuts, medium length.


Modern issued cardigans are short, medium and long. When choosing the length of a cardigan, you must stand in front of a full-length mirror. It is also important to really assess the possibilities, the parameters of the figure and the growth. Women and girls of medium and below average height, it is worth choosing short and medium-length cardigans. Long cardigans and medium lengths will suit women who are tall and of medium height. When choosing a cardigan, remember: the lower the growth, the shorter the cardigan.

Female Cardigan For The Spring Season.


When choosing a cardigan, always refer to its color, it should match your color. Using a properly selected color, you can visually adjust the shape. Dark shades of a cardigan are able to “pull out” a silhouette, clothes under a cardigan should be a tone lighter. In order to balance the figure, the cardigan should be light shades, the clothes under such a cardigan should be darker on tone.

And for the creation of a classical image one-color cardigans or cardigans combined, a combination of no more than three colors, such a cardigan should be combined with such items of the wardrobe as monophonic classic trousers or a monophonic pencil skirt. Choosing a cardigan for walks provides complete freedom, it can be bright, combined colors, such a cardigan can be harmonized with any clothing.

Female Cardigan For The Spring Season.

For women who have a foldable figure, cardigans that are asymmetric in the trend of this spring season will be suitable. The models of such cardigans do not have fasteners, you can fix it if necessary only with a thin belt, the front part of the cardigan is longer than the rear one. asymmetrical.

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Now you can independently start choosing a female cardigan for the spring season.

By Madani