Gloss of Bobbie Brown in Telva

This month’s magazines have again left some a pleasant surprise. Telva is still betting on useful gifts, following the success mascara of Chanel, and this month gives a transparent gloss of Bobbi Brown and a fairly decent size. Perfect to carry in your bag! Of course, the cover of the magazine looks like Ragazza.

The rest of fashion publications continue in the same line as usual and alternate the useless gifts with Christmas specials of little interest:

Gloss of Bobbie Brown in Telva– Elle: It repeats in its cover of December with the body painting of Swarovski and comes without gift. This time the chosen one is  Belén Rueda . No comment. And they launch a special edition for which they charge 6 dollars for the grace of crystallites. Take a discount card for Accessorize, the Elle Deco supplement and a special party.

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– Woman: comes as the Magi, gift bag: a bag for moss bag with three brushes (to leave them in the drawer of the office just in case, but surely they are the ones that let hair look at them), a Discount card for Monet & Co, a make-up session in Douglas and a sample of Halloween Kiss.Gloss of Bobbie Brown in Telva

– Vogue: Wears a special jewelry very appropriate for times of crisis, although Vogue will always be Vogue. At least bring a sample of Bvlgari perfume and Monica Belluci on the cover.Gloss of Bobbie Brown in Telva

– Glamour: a miserable show of infallible L’oreal makeup. Gloss of Bobbie Brown in Telva

– Marie Claire,: brings an agenda with a bit : it is so great that it does not serve to carry it in the bag. And another Bvlgari perfume sampler.

By HieuJa