Which Greek Sandals To Choose For The Summer?

Summer shoes – a field for fashion experiments is no less wide than summer clothes. Trends storm sneakers and sneakers, and yet there are slipes, espadrilles, moccasins, sabots, Vietnamese, Birkenstocks, a variety of sandals on his heel and, of course, all kinds of sandals. Among the most popular in 2018 are Greek sandals, distinguished by their versatility and high convenience. But Athenian women understood not the only comfort: sandals in the Greek style look very stylish and fit organically into an image.Which Greek Sandals To Choose For The Summer?

Distinctive features of Greek sandals

They say that the first Greek sandals with golden wings, Zeus, the world’s leading head of Olympus, gave his messenger Hermes. If we assume that before they were worn by the gods, it becomes clear why this footwear is so comfortable, stable and light. Original Greek sandals were made by hand from calfskin, painted and decorated with an intricate pattern, pearls or embroidery. Ideally, the Templar was created exactly on the foot of the customer, which means that the sandals sat like pouches. Of course, modern female models do not sew in single specimens, but in appearance, they are in no way inferior to their prototype, created several millennia ago.

Greek sandals attract women with simplicity and grace: their main distinguishing features are a flat sole and a lot of wide or narrow straps, across and along the interlocking ankles and shins. Often, to keep the foot used intact skin pieces, and the weave is created from thin textile laces or ribbons. Often they are decorated with stones, rhinestones, rivets or fringe, as well as massive buckles. The height of such shoes is variable: some models reach the knee, and some do not differ from the usual sandals.

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Greek sandals in stylish images: which model to choose?

As we have already noted, Greek sandals are suitable for a variety of bows: everyday, street, evening, and even official. The only restriction is due to their appearance: the abundance of laces and interlacing suggests that they will not hide under trousers or jeans. With skirts, sandals look just fine, the main thing is to choose the right model in which you can feel most comfortable and which most organically fit into a specific outfit.Which Greek Sandals To Choose For The Summer?

Greek sandals look best with skirts and dresses

High girls with slender legs can safely choose sandals, exciting part of the shin, and combine them with short jeans skirts and monophonic light t-shirts or knitted tunics. Shoes in itself will be an unusual accent in such simple images, so if you want you can give up other accessories or complement the kit with a hat and backpack. If you want a bigger shade in this bow, give preference to sandals with fringe and feathers and do not neglect ornaments: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Low sandals

Short stature is better to choose Greek sandals to the ankle, ideally – from the skin of a nuanced hue, with wide straps across the foot. Such models are more versatile than high ones and are combined well with shortened tapered jeans or summer shorts and outer clothing.

But visually make a foot less help a low platform or an active finish of the sole: rhinestones, vintage fasteners, beads and other decor elements easily hide the large size of the foot.Which Greek Sandals To Choose For The Summer?

By the way, low Greek sandals should be chosen and girls who love the length of maxi. You can combine them with any long outfits, but the combination with a dress in Empire style will be most beneficial. Overstated waist, deep neckline, asymmetrical flying skirts and high cuts along the hips will make a resident of a big city look like an ancient Greek goddess, and elegant leather sandals will complement the bow and make it more harmonious. Finish the image of a hairstyle based on careless braid and discreet natural make-up.

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Choosing sandals in the Greek style, first of all, think about what kind of things you plan to combine them with. If you are not ready to give up this summer from your favorite jeans, skirts to the floor and half-sport trousers, stop at low, laconized sandals without a heel. If your outfits are always more seductive and bold, and, importantly, the figure allows you to denude your legs, choose feminine sandals with a high bootleg, decorated with straps and ribbons, which will look very impressive with open clothes.

By Madani