Bohemian fashion is a fantastic contrast to many everyday style choices. It’s everything a dependable pair of jeggings and T-shirt or a good value work skirt and top aren’t. It’s generous maxi skirts, it’s embroidered all over jackets, it’s all the colours, it’s patterns, it’s fringing on everything.

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Here’s how to do boho-chic with clothing to bring out your festival, or arty, or been around the world side.

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Maxi boho

You might have thought that boho had its heyday in the early noughties, but these days the fashion pack still brings out the boho for events like music festivals, summer parties and relaxed dinners.

To show your boho-queen style for a special event, a maxi dress is a must. Maxi dresses with patterns, frills, leg-splits and floaty fabrics are all available from AX Paris to help you capture some boho chic.

Boho accessories

Of course, a great way to bring a bit of boho to your style is with accessories, just like the Duchess of Cornwall who pepped up her white suit with a gold boho-style bag while on a visit to Cuba. Floral prints and floating fabrics are a great choice for boho wannabes.

Scarves are the ultimate boho accessory, and should be worn in the hair, around the waist or as a fancy bracelet, instead of just in the usual way around the neck.

Boho origins

The real origins of boho style are discussed widely, but there’s no doubt the style takes cues from many different eras and influences. Maybe it was established as a counterculture in France in the 19th century by artists who found themselves exiled into poverty after the French revolution, and adopted the lifestyle of a nomad, wearing old cast aside clothes. From here boho style brings natural fabrics, from delicate cotton, linen and chiffon to the more durable leather, suede, sheepskin and fur.

Many people think that the original bohemians were Gypsies, so you can take inspiration from their artistic embroidery and bright colours when styling boho clothing.

In the 60s and 70s, the hippie movement was totally boho with loose-fitting clothing in natural earthy colours and lots of layers. Natural fabrics like leather, cotton and linen are at the heart of boho style, with kaftan dresses and tunic blouses worn oversized and making a great impact.