Lavender Color in Clothes

Deep or daisy, more festive than every day, lavender color deserves the attention of all women of fashion. What distinguishes this shade from other colleagues from the purple-violet range? Gentle saturation, piercing, but calm character. It is ideal for a confident woman with a contrasting appearance. But the color of this tone is different – from a light powder to a refreshing coolness.Lavender Color in Clothes

And also the lavender bold and is able to tactfully envelop the silhouette. Slightly and in a good way crazy color saves serious thoughts and sets up for adventure. The image of a business lady with him is complicated. But if you decided to strike someone with your mystery, the shade will be an excellent companion in such an exciting lesson. Let’s see what tonality this color will gladly take to your team.

Saturated lavender and contrasts

If you use one lavender color in a bow, this will cause conflicting feelings. The dress-maxi in this shade as if informs others that inside it is feminine and fragile, but rather cold and strict girl. Sometimes the outfit looks arrogant, even conceited.Lavender Color in Clothes

To avoid such associations, it is recommended to include another key in the outflow. Bright pink, yellow, light orange, menthol, light green, sky blue, beige, dark brown, blue-violet – 9 shades-favorites. Such mixes look especially advantageous in the summer when we use an outfit to express joy from the sunny mood.

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Bright lavender Color and romantic image

Lavender and white is the ideal pair for a solemn occasion. Often it is used at the wedding when the stylists are tasked to profitably shade the snow-white dress of the bride dresses girlfriends. And in this case, the lavender can be light or dark.Lavender Color in Clothes

And how nice to look at the combination with vanilla – the onion looks fresh, soft. You can bring a third tone to it: gray, blue, dark ultraviolet. Bright lavender perfectly intertwines with pastel. In such combinations, the shade of the lilac dominates, the ensemble is characterized by calm balance and mystery.

Pink powder, peach, blue – three more colors suitable to us. They help to beat the hidden opportunities of bright lavender. Accepting this stylistic decision, be prepared that the final ensemble will be stunningly feminine and romantic. Great, if you can put accents with these shades: a dress with a pink strap or a handkerchief.

Light VS official bows

Lightness in lavender onions adds yellow (especially good lemon) and orange. This is an excellent option for spring and summer sets. Elegant for the warm season looks and pale lavender top with the white or peach bottom. This image creates a sense of balance.

But black brings a formality. This color makes it possible to make even an office setting: a pencil skirt or straight trousers, a white blouse plus a lavender jacket. With the gray ensemble, it turns out to be neutral, harmonious. In the outfit, it is better to add additional accents to avoid blanching.

Going to everyday life

Light and dark lavender are appropriate to wear in different situations. For a walk or shopping, you can wear dark blue jeans and a lavender tunic. A gray bottom and a white T-shirt will suit a rich purple cardigan. The last ensemble looks good on a girl with a winter and autumn color-like appearance. A summer and spring for a get-together with friends, you can put on a bright skirt on the floor.Lavender Color in Clothes

Outerwear in lavender color is also good. To a dark coat you can choose black or brown shoes, the light is more suitable beige. It is interesting in this set look skinny or dense dark pantyhose. Even in the cold season, you can use a lilac-purple optimistic palette, adding to it any of the above tints.

Sole LavenderLavender Color in Clothes

Elegant lavender dresses are self-sufficient. They attract attention; surround the fashion with a beautiful intricate veil. Dark shades are more suitable for special occasions. But pale powder is also relevant in the context of a relaxed party. It is appropriate to mini, diluted with an interesting decor. But do not overload the lavender outfit with accessories; leave only gold or silver jewelry.

  • If you like the lavender color, feel free to buy clothes in this key and combine with different shades: bright or muffled.
  • With warm, you will get gentle and romantic images. With cool – more stylish, bold, but still soft bows.
  • Experiment, play with this whether lilac or purple tone because he is so relevant in the season of 2018.

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