Meet The Paper Bag Pants And How To Use Them

Discovering new types of clothing is part of exploring the styles and more if on the road we find a versatile garment. That’s why we tell you everything you need to know about paper bag pants and how to use them, this is a new trend that you will love. This piece that is characterized by being baggy and high shooting is causing a furor.Meet The Paper Bag Pants And How To Use Them

Meet the paper bag pants

You have read the name and you have asked yourself: What are paper bags? These are a garment that is definitely giving something to talk about. In recent years it has become the favorite of many women. These pants are of a comfortable and comfortable style. High waist with a tie at the waist.

This garment is called paper bag because of the similarity it has in the waist part with the brown paper bags. The curl formed in the belt is similar to the upper part of them.

The same construction of the pants helps to fit and stylize the figure. That’s why he has won our hearts and a space in our closets. We all love to see ourselves thinner and this garment stands out because it achieves it.

This style is part of the summer trends that will allow you not only to go to fashion in your day to day, but you can be comfortable. The paper bags have so many styles and shapes that you can mix it with almost any garment.

You can combine them for different occasions and according to your accessories, you will be ready for both day and night.

Just as there are paper bags that are tight, there are also baggy, short or long. There are plenty of options when dressing. It’s all a matter of feeling comfortable with what you’re wearing. Give yourself the opportunity to explore styles and forms.

Paper bag shorts

The paper bags now are not only long pants; they made their way to become shorts. This new version is perfect, neither too long nor too short. With them, you can go out and look fashionable for those hot days or where you just want to wear something short that is not a skirt.

This garment is shorter than shorts, but a little longer than shorts. These allow freedom to walk by being sufficiently loose without reaching to look great. The particularity of the short paper bags is that they are adjusted at the waist and help to have a better figure.

Usually, these have the part of the loop above the navel. This helps with the way the body looks. It should also be noted that these shorts have a triangular cut which favors the figure. And, what woman does not want to look better?

An excellent way to combine this short is by using the crop tops. Of course, they can also be worn with a shirt and infinity of blouses. But the crops with this short that is high waist, will make you look fabulous.

Meet The Paper Bag Pants And How To Use ThemCowboys type paper bag

Women’s jeans are an essential garment. That’s why we tell you that you can also have your paper bags in denim.

The paper bag pants jeans arrived. The jeans are a garment that does not go out of fashion and less now that they are looking to adopt more and more to the new trends.

Although tight-cut jeans with a high cut are very fashionable at the moment, there is no reason not to give the paper bags a chance. Since you find them in many models, you just have to find the one that you like the most and that fits you.

How to wear paper bag pants in your daily look

As we mentioned, these trousers are very comfortable and versatile, which makes it a garment for every woman’s day today. No matter the time of year or the occasion, just need to know what to combine and already, will be ready to go out and show you to the world.

The paper bags can be fresh or hot depending on the material they are made from. They can also look elegant, casual or sporty. Here we will show you how to take them with the best style. If there is a garment that you can use all year is this. They work perfectly. So they can not miss in your closet.

Meet The Paper Bag Pants And How To Use ThemPaper bag pants for summer

For the summer you will want to feel fresh. You do not want to wear anything that feels heavy; it’s the time to welcome the sun. The paper bags of light fabrics are perfect for this.

They are an excellent opportunity to look splendid. The strapless or sleeveless blouses are a perfect option for this time and if you add some sunglasses you will be ready to conquer.

They are also a perfect option for those days that you have to go to the office but do not want to wear anything too tight or feel hot. When combined with a pair of heels you will get a great success and you will be the center of attention.

Meet The Paper Bag Pants And How To Use ThemPaper bag pants for autumn

Autumn lets us explore. It’s the perfect time to try those colors of the red range. Of course, it is important not to abuse. Always think that if you will use an intense color in the upper part you should mix it with something more neutral in the lower one.

You can use green paper bags for the lower part and for the upper part a striking or explosive color like intense orange or vice versa. It is also an excellent opportunity to take off your white sneakers.

If you are going out with friends for a lunch or to buy you can look fashionable with some paper bags, sports shoes and a shirt with a pattern that you like.

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Paper bag pants for winter

Just as there are paper bags with light fabrics, there are also some with thicker or heavier ones. These are perfect for winter. They are a good way to be in trend and warm. The ideal combinations are with long sleeve blouses.

Using layers can also work, jackets add a great touch to Street Style, so you can look modern. The maxi vests are also fashionable as are the turtlenecks. This elegance brings your outfit.

If on the other hand if you want to go warm, but see more casual leather jackets may be the answer. It can be combined with a pair of shoes and your favorite shirt.

Paper bag pants for spring

Spring is to say hello to the prints, especially to the flora. The style for paper bags can go from formal to the most casual.

The pattern can go on your blouse or pants. This time may be perfect for short paper bags. You will not go unnoticed if you combine them with a flowered blouse, a pair of open sandals and sunglasses.

If on the other hand, you want to look more sporty you can wear a shirt with some fun phrase, matching shoes and a striped paper bag.

Favorite combinations

We have our own favorite combinations when using a paper bag. Next, we will explain our top 4 of them.

Black and White

Black and white will never go out of style. It shows elegance and is imposing. This combination is perfect for going to the office. Only a pair of high-heeled shoes, a white paper bag, and a simple black blouse are enough.

The idea is that this combination looks simple. Remember that many times in fashion, less is more.

Meet The Paper Bag Pants And How To Use ThemThe stripes

It is not a secret that the stripes stylize the figure and if you did not know it is time to start including them in your wardrobe.

A paper bag with vertical stripes will make your legs look longer, making you look thinner, taller and more stylized. They are perfect to combine with blouses or white shirts inside. If you want to give it an extra touch you can add a denim jacket or a leather one.

Basic colors

The basic colors are a total success; they take you out of any hurry because you can combine them with everything. If you want to give yourself a more daring touch you can opt for colors or prints at the top.

A gray or brown paper bag with a long sleeve blouse of flowers can be perfect to go out for a lunch with heels or to go to something more relaxed with sneakers.

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Street Style

You can master the Street Style with some paper bag jeans. This we love because of how easy it is to combine denim. You can use a pair of velvet heels to give more impact to your outfit.

If you include a single-colored or striped shirt that matches the color range of your shoes and a handbag, you’ll look really cool.

By Madani