For Each Woman's Style A Type Of Booty

Ankle Boots? In my work as a fashion entrepreneur, every season I review the trends that are on the rise, and I always have three basic criteria in mind when deciding how to dress.

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First: what we wear should reflect who we are, that is, our personality.

Second: Important, that we like it and we wake up the illusion.

Third: Feel as comfortable as possible with what we carry. The comfort in dress will transmit security and will reflect on how others see us.

If we do not lose sight of these tips, we will choose appropriately which fashion trends best suit our style.

What Is The Trend In Boots This Autumn-Winter 2018?

The reign of the booties, is an indisputable trend this season.Personally I am a lover of this type of footwear, because thanks to its adaptability, we can include them in our outfits from morning to night, accompanying equally well a sports image type pants and shirt, as a dress for a more formal appointment. Whether it’s the flat ones, like the medium- heeled boots with some platform or those with a good heel, the booty has become our shoemaker’s most versatile footwear . Comfortable and stylish, it is the ideal piece to combine with all our wardrobe backgroundand will allow us to walk throughout the Autumn and Winter without complicating too much and always favored.

Future Model

Ways To Combine The Booties

For those women where high-heeled boots are one of their essentials, this footwear can be combined with more casual and casual clothing, as well as simple pants, as dresses and skirts for more formal appointments day or night.As luckily, platform ankle boots  set the trend and the heels are wide, they are very comfortable and safe when walking.The choice of heights will depend exclusively on the tastes of each woman and I tell you one thing, they favor our legs a lot and we are also sheltered in winter!

Texture Model

Suede boots, are the latest fashion and we can choose them to be more arranged, also in terms of cleanliness, you can rest easy!I’ll give you a little advice that never fails me.

Ankle Boots

This type of skin remains

Impeccable with baby wipes or cleaning it with water and neutral soap. A then you must rinse with water and when dry, will you pass your hand gently to hair. You will see that they are as good as new!

Another option of care for leather boots, is to use a colorless cream or a cream as close to the tone of the booties, this way you will always keep them impeccable.

For Each Woman’s Style A Type Of BootyFor Each Woman's Style A Type Of Booty

If you are definitely the type of active woman, who always tends to wear a very sporty image, and for

whom comfort is first and foremost, rubber wedges are your best allies. In addition to offering you the advantage of height, they will allow you to support the whole sole of the foot.

For the third consecutive year you have in my collection, the Jasmín model  , a basic that my clients ask for year after year.

As a

novelty and for the most daring in terms of height, this year we also include in our collection, the Montana model

Finally, for those moments in which we want to give a more dressed and stylized appearance, we include in our collection the boots with high heel, model  Shine , very comfortable and stable and at the same time very flattering.As a high model, comfortable and flattering to the fullest, this time in leather, I recommend the Future model  , one of my favorites.

Future Model

How you have realized, the most important thing for me when designing, is the woman as a whole and offer all the options so that in the end, we can be as faithful as possible to ourselves.

And you, do you dare to enter the wonderful universe of booties? Which one is your favorite?

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By HieuJa