natural nails

If your office has already given the indication to return to normal, it is time to put into practice all the nail artist skills you learned in your quarantine to get a manicure worthy of a triumphant return. Therefore, here below we list several very natural, discreet, and sophisticated nail designs that you can do today to wear the rest of the week to work and shine.


French mani in a trianglenatural nails

This nail design makes your fingers look longer and more stylized, without adding acrylic, it is wonderful! All you have to do is paint a base the color of your nail, let it dry, and trace the obligatory line of the French manicure on the tip, but with an arrow or V shape. In the end, don’t forget to apply a layer of topcoat so that the peanut remains intact.

Tortoiseshell nailsnatural nails

For those who have a more flexible job or are dedicated to the world of fashion, you can bet on this trending idea of ​​tortoiseshell nails, which go wonderfully over a total black look. The key to achieve this is to work on layers and with diluted enamels, first with a brown one, then with black spots, and so on until they are butted together without much precision.

White borders

If you are looking for a natural manicure in nude tones for the office, go for this version: Put a layer of beige polish on all nails and paint some corners white, these can be upper or lower. Wait a few minutes and proceed to draw an indefinite line on the edge you just painted, to create a very casual and effortless frame effect.

Black stripesnatural nails

It is nothing more than applying a sheer polish over the entire nail and drawing a black stripe with a brush. Here you have the possibility to help you with a piece of the adhesive tape to go straight, as well as cotton swabs with acetone to clean the details. As in the previous idea, the suggestion is to finish with a matte topcoat.

Fine lines

Does your job demand a flawless manicure? Say yes to this option with the semi-square tip and black and white nails. To mark the lines, it is best to use an ultra-fine brush and practice first on a sheet, in order to control the thickness you want.

Pepper tip

It’s like doing a French manicure, but much more modern and with the tip in the style of ‘pepper’ or Easter eggs. To get started, cut your nails, file the edges, and put on a clear base. Next, slip a black nail polish on the tip, like a french manicure, and apply tiny white dots over the entire dark color, in no order.

Branded nails

Wear your favorite designer signature in a classic and elegant nail design, like the following: Paint half of the nail black and leave the other half transparent. Then, draw a thin white line on the division, wait for it to dry and draw the chosen mark on one of the fingers. Finish off with a final coat of glitter and voila!

By Ronney