Reasons Why Every Girl Needs An Oversized Purse

Cell phone, check. Keys, check. Turned off the flatiron, check. You’re out the door to work! Your cell and keys fit in your hands, but for a lot of women, these aren’t the only two things needed to get through an average day. What better way to tote everything around than with an oversized purse? The oversized bag may have started as a trend, but it’s actually a stylish way to stay organized and prepared. Every girl should have a daily essentials carry-all.

To men, women’s purses are probably a terrifying mystery. But to women, not only are handbags a great way to polish an outfit, they are our backup to make sure we’re prepared for most situations daily life throws at us. It goes without saying that an oversized bag can hold a lot of stuff. Here’s a quick look at what every girl should be carrying with them.

A Wallet

A wallet within a purse? Yes, an oversized wallet is the perfect addition to an oversized bag. Wallets hold anything from ID cards to credit cards and last month’s grocery receipts. They’re great for all things money-related. Most have a separate change compartment to keep loose coins from infiltrating other areas of your bag. Keep all your important things in one place with a wallet so you’re not fishing around for that renegade credit card in the checkout line.


Maybe the full makeup bag isn’t necessary on a daily basis, but with an oversized bag, you could certainly bring it with you. Most women have some makeup in their handbags, even if it’s as simple as tinted lip balm and loose powder. Face blotting sheets and some under-eye concealer to ward off unwanted dark circles could be added to the mix in an oversized bag for a midday touchup. Your favorite lipstick or lip gloss should make the cut, as well. If you have all these things with you, looking fresh, even after hours at work, just got much easier.


Sunglasses are a must-have for anyone. Put them in a case; put the case in your purse. You’ll have UV protection available and the space to store them in your carry-all essential handbag. There are quite a few more things that could come in handy during the day, including, but not limited to:

  • Breath mints or gum
  • A nail file or clipper
  • A Tide To-Go Pen
  • A writing utensil
  • A compact mirror
  • A phone charger
  • An iPod with headphones
  • Moisturizer or hand sanitizer
  • A scented roll-on

And the list goes on. Ever ask a girl if they have “insert-item-here” and she tells you she might in her bag? She’s probably carrying an oversized purse. Chances are, she may have a lint roller in there!

In addition to its toting abilities, an oversized purse is great for storing things throughout the day, too. As summer draws to a close and the temperature starts to drop, wardrobe accessories such as scarves and hats and extra layers of clothing start to make appearances. Whoops, you just power-walked a few blocks in cooler temperatures and now you’re back inside and there’s a sweat droplet making its way down your back. Well, take off your sweater. It’s not as if you don’t have anywhere to put it. An oversized purse doubles as a temporary drawer.

Every woman wants to feel prepared and look good doing it. An oversized purse is a great way to stay on top of daily life and pull it off stylishly. With so many different designs and colors, there’s no reason why every girl can’t have an oversized carry-all.

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