Romantic Style Of Clothes

Every year the fashion becomes ever more changeable. Modern girls combine the most incongruous things, creating unusual ensembles and mixing different directions. Someone wears tight-fitting leggings with a sporty sweatshirt and boots, someone – strict trousers with a vests-wrestling and sneakers. But there were also girls who adhere to more conservative thinking and make up their everyday bows, adding romance and femininity to them. We suggest analyzing classical images for women in a romantic style and highlighting its key features.

Romantic Style Of Clothes

A bit of history

The history of the romantic style in women’s clothing is quite interesting. As early as the beginning of the XIX century, ladies, tired of heavy skeleton skirts and stretching to the loss of breath corsets, gave freedom to simpler forms with a touch of antiquity. From their light hand, lush dresses of the finest fabrics, multilayered and decorated with flounces, long flowing skirts, translucent blouses with embroidery and shirts with flashlights sleeves entered into fashion. Elegance, modesty, and restraint became the basis of the images of women of that time.

At the end of the 20th century, the romantic style became popular again. In many respects, it is connected with the English fashion, in which the freshness and originality of Princess Diana added. Her wedding dress alone was the subject of admiration for so many women that his photo appeared on pages of glossy magazines a few months after the celebration. Seven-meter loop, lace, tulle, silk, and pearls really amazed the imagination, but the princess’s daily outfits met the most relevant trends.

Romantic Style Of Clothes

The main differences between the romantic style

Like any other style, romanticism in clothes has a number of important distinctive features:

  • In the silhouettes of romantic-style outfits, there are practically no strict lines created by the fabrics.
  • Any suit emphasizes the waist: the figure is always unobtrusively divided into two parts.
  • Important elements of decorations are ruffles, laces, flounces, ruffles, feathers, fringes, and ribbons.
  • For dresses, skirts and shirts, thin and pleasant to the touch are used. The most common materials are the veil, silk, tulle, brocade, wool, and boucle. A free cut of costumes suggests that textiles do not keep their shape, but smoothly falls down.
  • Prints and patterns are chosen the most tender and naive: small peas, cage, floral and animalistic ornament, various abstractions with undulating lines, etc.
  • The color palette for the outfits consists mainly of pastel shades of pink, blue, lilac and peach. Also suitable are cream, sand, and other nude tones.

Romantic style involves a large number of variations with wardrobe items and ornaments, which makes it possible to adhere to it in fashion images not only to young girls but also to women more mature. So, a fluffy chiffon blouse with a bright floral motif can be worn with short denim shorts and sneakers with embroidery, and with tightened narrowed trousers, supplemented with a monophonic jacket. A wide variety of things, corresponding to the distinctive features of Romanticism, will help any member of the fair sex to pick up something to her liking.

Romantic Style Of Clothes

Clothing in a romantic style and the most successful images

The dress in the romantic style can become the basis for both the everyday image and for the evening outfit, devoid of deliberate solemnity and officiality, but elegant and feminine. Such outfits, sewn from light semi-transparent fabrics, are ideal for spring or summer, but in combination with a light trench coat or a fitted coat will be an excellent choice for a cool autumn evening. It is worth noting that classic delicate dresses can be both closed, buttoned up to the neck, and open, with a deep, eye-catching décolleté. The length can also be varied at your discretion.

Skirts for the image in the romantic style are better to choose more modest. The model below the knee, flying in the wind, will leave room for imagination, delicately hinting at the sexuality and naivety of its possessor. Folds flounces, and draperies here will look as it is impossible by the way. Admissible skirts and asymmetrical style, trimmed with decorative elements such as buttons, ribbons, and braid.

Romantic Style Of Clothes

To a thin feminine skirt, you can choose a suitable blouse. It is better if these two things will be a little bit contrasted so that the image as a whole is not overloaded. To a lush patterned bottom is better to find a monophonic and restrained top. A long skirt with a light glove from the knee is best worn with a voluminous shirt trimmed with bows or other interesting details. The bow will be completed with the right footwear and competent accessories: thin bracelets, earrings with stones, decorated hair hoops and hair clips.

  • Romantic style in clothes is characterized by an abundance of decor, delicate colors, light fabrics, and smooth lines.
  • Dresses of chiffon, pleated skirts, and blouses with sleeves-lanterns, decorated with ribbons and lace – the perfect setting for a feminine spring wardrobe.
  • Try and you make a unique romantic ensemble, following our advice and the latest trends, but do not be afraid to experiment: outside the window in 2018, and we can do anything!

By Madani