Shoemaker To Your Shoes

If anything I have clear is that you can never go with an idea made of what you want … You will never find it and you will end up angry. It always happens to me, I make a composition in my head of what I look for, I design it in my mind and … I never find it…

Shoemaker To Your Shoes
Shoemaker To Your Shoes

My last purchases are to go hunting and catch some tall boots to wear with clothes or trousers. I was looking for a wide, comfortable heel, round toe … The color was not very clear, I did not know whether to pull towards the gray or towards more earthy tones, the fact is that in the end I returned home with three pairs of shoes that had nothing to do with what he had gone out to buy…Shoemaker To Your Shoes b

  1. White Sandals … Sandals? Yes, yes … Do not ask me why they came home with me, I loved them and although I know that within a few months I cannot put them to me they seemed a good purchase. I hope the fringe is still wearing!!! With cigarette, white shirt and some pendant or handkerchief … Ideal!!!
  2. Zara shoes: Before I used to wear sneakers but now I think they are essential!!! They are comfortable and wearing great jeans. These are Zara and I was struck by the metallic color.

Shoemaker To Your ShoesZara converse shoes

  1. Zara shoes: I’ve been seeing them for a long time and I think despair did the rest. Of satin, peep toe, lacy with rhinestones and heel of infarction. For parties, weddings or special occasions…

Shoemaker To Your ShoesI did not come back with new boots home but shoes will not fail me … Has it ever happened to you?

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