Shopping online 10 tips to avoid mistakes
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In untimely years the world has changed, not only socially and culturally, but also in business, thanks to the introduction of online shopping.

Shopping online 10 tips to avoid mistakes
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In fact, many are now the opportunity to buy all kinds of items of interest to us, staying at home and ordering it comfortably on the couch from your PC or smartphone, it needs only an internet connection and you’re done.

Each of us often interested in a head hardly available or simply due to lack of will to go out and procure the desired object, he decides to immerse themselves in the online market, researching, generally very long and intricate, just to get what he seeks without maybe interested to know some key features for those who make online shopping.

Actually purchases on the web, though they may seem practical, quick and convenient, can hide a lot of difficulties or even can reserve unpleasant surprises for the inexperienced buyer, that’s why we decided to give you ten famous tips and tricks (i.e. tips and tricks) to avoid mistakes and not to be caught unarmed, while in the satisfactory compulsive shopping online.

Shopping online 10 tips to avoid mistakes
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– Starting from the beginning, before you have online access, you must make sure that the PC is protected by a antivirus installed, as it is easy to be attacked by viruses that reside in many online shopping sites and which, unwittingly, he is tempted to click, as the purpose of a virus or malicious, it is to access personal information, leading us into temptation with amazing offers.

– On the PC, you enter on the web, to undertake the research object of desire. First, you have to enter the keyword in a browser known and updated. The most famous and reliable are: Firefox and Google Chrome. The importance of the choice is linked to the fact that, the more your browser is updated is more secure and therefore hardly attacked by intruders, which will damage you, your identity and your PC.

– When you find a website that sells what you’re looking for, you have to be careful that there are all the information about the object and its characteristics or status, costs and methods of delivery, rights of withdrawal, whether there is a guarantee and the opportunity to contact your dealer.

– Choose carefully the sites where internet purchasing, as, if you’re browsing on a site of unquestionable reliability, with outdated graphics and strange features, or is proposed an object at a price impossible to be true, then it is most likely a site where you are more likely to be robbed and it gets really at home what was required.

– Always visit brand sites and reputed companies as they are reliable, or at least have the guarantees of fouls, refunds, shipping and payments that not all sites have.

– If your intent is to save a last minute looking unbeatable, then visit sites such as Groupon and Grupalia. As they are the only ones to ensure, through the purchase of coupons, the reliability of the proposed discounted dealer or offeror.

– Make sure that both the method and timing of delivery, so that the object will never arrive and you’ve thrown money or, in other cases, you spend more for custom duties and shipping than for the your item.

– If you are obsessed with Ebay, Amazon or Privalia be careful not to accidentally end up on sites cloned where you steal the money from the credit card.

– For payments using prepaid cards or Paypal, as they are easy to use and secure, as in the case of fraud or card cloning, you will never, on these accounts, disproportionate numbers.

– If you find yourself on sites like Ebay, rely not only your intuition, but most of the feedback from other buyers who, with their vote, they will be your yardstick to understand, if the dealer, whether or not reliable.