Summer Fashion Tips Some Tans Are Hot Some Not

Summer is here and the perfect time to break out the short shorts, short skirts, sandals, tank tops, and, of course the teeny bikini.

BUT before you dare to bare, it’s good to consider all of your tanning options.

Tanning Beds

Tanning beds used to be the preferred method for achieving that perfect golden hue, but let’s face it- it’s not 1990 anymore and we’ve upped our standards! Come to think of it, was it really ever a perfect golden hue?

Since then, tanning beds popularity has dramatically waned due to increased skin cancer from harmful UV rays, not to mention the fact they still make you come out looking a little on the extra crispy side and smelling like it, too.

Self Tanners

Self tanners, like St. Tropez, are a fine option for in between tanning maintenance or to warm up a small area, like the face, during seasons when the rest of the body is covered up… but for the whole body? Have you ever tried it? It’s not an easy task to be done alone.

Applying to the entire body and applying evenly can prove cumbersome and many self tanners are so highly concentrated that the result is less of a healthy glow and more of a single color, matte finish. Think of the last time you painted your house with the roller.. Great for warming up walls but not so great for the body! Most self tanner do not even contain a pigment so unfortunately require you to wait while the color gradually develops. This makes it difficult to get the right shade at the right time. Also, be ready for those dreaded tan hands if you don’t wear gloves!! So far, this look has never suited anyone and we can’t see it ever make the next big style trend.

Hmmmmm so, tanning beds are unsafe and self tanners are not practical…what’s the alternative?

Ever heard of an airbrush tan?

For those of you who have heard, maybe you remember your first experience climbing into the automated airbrush unit and the shock you had when you exited it looking like a a grilled carrot, line markings and all!!

The good news is that spray tanning has come a long way since then, but the bad news, no two spray tans are equal. There are many more choices on the market but it’s still commonplace to encounter solutions with orange or too bronzy tones or applications which leave you looking like you just went in for a pesky paint job.

Not at at Gotham Glow.

Gotham Glow uses our unique, proprietary solution and our specially crafted art of application so you leave looking like yourself, only better.

With a proper airbrush tan, you get the benefits of even coverage and a customized shade suited for your skin tone, and at a color level which matches the occasion or time of year. The girls at Gotham Glow are highly trained to sculpt various body types to give super slimming results. Forget juicing or exercising altogether. Gotham Glow puts you on a strict spray tanning diet and one you will enjoy. Your skin radiates like you’ve been taking all your vitamins and the even coverage you get is like makeup for the body! Your best parts are highlighted and your not so best parts enjoy a little shading- Now who does not want that all year round? A session is quick and easy and an average appointment time is about 15 minutes. The best thing? No mess and no chemical smell.

The results at Gotham Glow are so natural that if you don’t tell, neither will we.