Surrendered To The Pictures

Once again, I fell … I do not know very well how the big textile brands do, although you do not always want to end up falling into something that you had not planned to fall … The paintings are a classic autumn / winter, year after year we see them, Some dodge them, but this season it seems that we cannot get rid of…

Surrendered To The PicturesThe pictures are no longer limited to the typical Scottish skirts, they have jumped from them to invade dresses, blazers, shirts, trousers … They camouflage adopting different formats and colors, getting the best of themselves and adapting to all the clothes that are likely to be in our closet … And that’s how I signed this sweater!!! The pictures are so cute that makes you to suggest or you are not the typical checkered lumberjack, not typical of tartan and men have little!

Surrendered To The PicturesThe shirt is by Stradivarius, has earthy and navy blue tones, it has the cut a little below the waist, which you can wear with a bow, and two pockets. Its price is 19.95.

Surrendered To The PicturesAnd some of the combinations that have occurred to me are:

  1. Bershka jeans, Zara cardigan, Blanco belt and Zara shoes. A casual look that you can even take to work!
  2. Much more casual is this combination that replaces the cardigan for the leather jacket from Bershka and the shoes for the “converse” Zara shoes to give a more urban touch to the look.
  3. This combination is also more informal than the first, in which I have decided to dispense with the jeans and replace them with thick socks. The boots and the belt give it a country feel that I love!

Surrendered To The PicturesWhich combination does you like the most? Have you bought any pictures?

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